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Short Bob Haircut For Triangle Face Shapes

Do you have a triangular shaped face? Then you are amongst the ranks of such celebs as Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger. A triangle shaped face is one with a narrow jaw and wide forehead. So you will want to make your jaw appear softer while also narrowing the forehead. Short bob haircuts for triangle shaped faces can help achieve this and will draw attention to your eyes rather than your jawline.

Chin length hairstyles are recommended as well as a short layered bob as both of these are very soft and feminine. And you can wear your hair straight and sleek for a sophisticated vibe or soft and wavy for a more romantic flair. As well, side bangs are a great way to make your cheekbones stand out!

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Short Bob Haircut For Triangle Face Shapes #trianglefaceshape #shaggybobhair

To style such a cut, all you need to do is apply a thermal product to your dampened hair, blow it dry completely and then use a flat iron to straighten. Then if you want to add curls, simply use the desired size curling iron and spray a medium holding spray! We think a chin length bob like the one pictured below is very chic and sexy!

Main photo by lucyhale