Sexy and Stylish Long Layered Haircuts

15 Best Stylish Long Layered Haircuts

Long layered haircuts with bangs are all the rage these days. Everyone wants a cute and flattering hairstyle that is also effortless, carefree and trendy. If you have gorgeous long locks and tresses, layered haircuts will work great for you. Layered hair is easy to manage and it doesn’t hurt your eyes or get in your way. If you want to sport a longer layered hairstyle without the use of bobby pins, you can add layered or blunt bangs.


Long hair cuts require little fuss and can work for any occasion, from playful to formal. If you opt for longer layers you can still pull your hair back in a cute ponytail, bun or braid. Shorter layers give added volume to fine hair. Layered haircuts are a great way to help repair broken or damaged hair. Besides, you can get rid of dry, split ends without compromising the length of your hair. You can go short to give your hair a chance to recover later.

Keep in mind that long layered haircuts make graduation hairstyles look chic, which is another reason to pick them. In particular, long hair cuts are great for those with naturally curly or wavy hair as they remove extra weight to add more bounce to your curls. They also require less drying time and can bring out your color and high or lowlights. Layered hair can give you a soft, youthful appearance without looking immature. And as a bonus, long layered hairstyles work well with almost every face shape.

However, not all long layered hairstyles are alike. You can experiment with different styles of bangs as well as various lengths and textures to find what works best for you. The following layered haircuts in various styles, including shaggy, sleek, curly and straight, with and without bangs are our favorite… The possibilities are endless.

1. Two-Tiered Fringe with Tousled Layers

These long, layered bangs appear weightless, thanks to balayage coloring and texturizing. The color added a two-tiered fringe that you can personalize to your liking.

Source: The Beauty Department via Instagram


2. Dark Underlayer Layered Blonde Cut

Layered hair can be achieved in two different ways: with the color and with the haircut itself. A blonde haircut with layers and a dark brown underlayer is a good idea for thicker hair, as it will remove the extra weight.

Source: kat_von_kat via Instagram


3. Long Shaggy Hair with Highlights

Long faces can be visually dragged down by long hair. This, however, does not apply to curly hair. Long layered haircuts can work on any face shape as they are universally flattering. The shaggy look is quite trendy now and highlights will add volume and texture for a fresh, bold look.

Source: johnnyramirez1 via Instagram


4. Long Light Bangs with a Ombre Hairstyle

These shaggy layers work great with a warm brown ombre and extra long bangs in a lighter shade. You could always pin the bangs up to the side for added style, or braid them into a milkmaid braid or crown updo. Or keep it free and let your hair be gently tousled by the wind.

Source: Alex Romanov via Instagram


5. Tousled Hairstyle with Cropped Bangs

This look is based on contrasts between textures and lengths and is a great hairstyle for someone who wants a messy do that is a bit bold and daring.

Source: Emily Costello via Instagram

6. Beach Blonde Wispy Layers with a High Crown

Layered styles create a lot of free flowing movement and this cut does this with style and ease. The focal point is the crown which is enhanced with longer bangs. The crown is teased slightly to add some height to this heavenly shade of blonde for a chic look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Source: Meggy Jo via Instagram

7. Long Auburn Hair with Bangs

Everyone loves a fiery redhead. This style adds texture with tousled strands and long bangs which can be easily styled with a round brush. If you have long hair, it's easy to add longer layers as opposed to shorter layers because they can make your hair appear choppy and frizzy.

Source: anastasiya858 via Instagram


8. Straight, Dark Hair

Asian-style bangs are always straight across so they can be paired with any hair length and style. They look great with long dark tresses which you can wear tossed for a contemporary take on a traditional layered cut.

Source: tania_t.vor via Instagram

9. Brown Hair with Chin Length Layers

Long haircuts with layers and bangs come in many styles. This look works best for girls who prefer that unkempt rock star look. This hair color can be worn at any length, even very long, with a subtle texture of waves which add a great deal of volume. The straight bangs that fall naturally across the forehead frame the face very naturally for a carefree vibe.

Source: Kelsie Cherry via Instagram

10. Hairstyles with Dramatic Highlights and Bangs

If you want to add a gorgeous new look to your everyday style, pick highlights, lowlights and multiple colors of blonde to add volume and texture. This looks especially good on shoulder length hair with various hues placed randomly throughout.

Source: Cesar Vargas La Beauté via Instagram


11. Layered Long Hair with Bangs that Graze the Eyebrow

If you have thin or fine hair, layers add plenty of style and texture. Shoulder length hair works great for longer layers. And longer bangs that daintily graze your eyebrows will soften your appearance and add some sophistication.

Source: Colleen Duffy via Instagram

12. Dark Brown Hair with Jagged Ends

With plentiful layers and longer length, this dark brown hairstyle is extremely eye-catching. The straight sleek bangs have subtle layers to frame the face and complete the whole look. Men love a sexy brunette!

Source: Ильчук Александра via Instagram

13. Auburn Curls with a Center Part

The center part on this medium style is layered softly to gently frame the face while keeping the hair from looking understated. This look is playful and chic and will surely turn heads when you walk into a room.

Source: Любовь via Instagram


14. Flared Layers and Sweeping Bangs on Golden Blonde Hair

People tend to think “boring” when they hear the phrase “long layers with bangs.” However, this stylish layered cut with a soft side fringe is quite a head turner. The airy side bangs with a halo of golden blonde hair has tiered layers which will frame the face in a flattering light that will knock them dead.

Source: David Yoshvaev via Instagram

15. Shiny, Dark Chocolate Layers

People tend to think that dark hair is drab; however, this style with long layered bangs which fall seductively over one eye adds a look of mystery. There are layers mixed throughout the rest of this sexy and fun hairstyle to create added movement and dimension. Why not add some mystery to your life with this sultry look?

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