Highs And Lows Of Septum Rings Piercing

The continually increasing popularity of the septum rings has become so socially acceptable there is a danger of being an outcast if you don’t have one rather than if you do. Although there are faux septum piercings ladies, in particular, are joining the septum movement and obtaining genuine piercings. Contrary to tattoos and various other piercings, these piercing leave practically no visible scarring and the jewelry options are simply too cute to resist.


Pain Hurts

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Depending upon your pain threshold, pain is still a very relevant issue when pursuing the various types of piercings. Piercing the septum is pretty low on the pain scale even if you have a low pain threshold. The comparison for what level of pain is it compares to the feeling of being hit in the nose. The eyes will water and it stings.

The Course Of Healing

Like most all piercing healings the customary time frame for the wound to heal is six to eight weeks.


After The Fact

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Once you’ve taken the leap and gotten your piercing, do not play with it. Leave it alone and enjoy its cosmetic benefits. If you do have to touch it whether for removal or cleaning be sure that you have clean hands. You certainly don’t wat to risk an infection.

Worried about Scarring?

No need to worry with this piercing. Unlike other types of piercings, due to its location there is no scarring issue. Another perk of the septum piercing!

Size Is An Issue Here

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Similar to most things in life the size of your nose does play a role in this piercing. Also if your nose is not symmetrical, this may not be the thing for you to do. Deviated septum rings cause the nose to be out of proportion; hence a septum piercing would only draw attention to an already present issue.


Do Your Research

If someone is going to be puncturing your body with a sharp instrument you should always have a level of concern that will allow you to search for the best reputable candidate to perform said task. Sadly, some piercing parlors have obtained a bad reputation for repetitive bad hygiene practices. Steer clear of those for your own safety and comfort.

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Once you’ve decided for sure that you’re going through with this process it is important to know and follow these important steps to assure a problem-free healing process. Also, you need to know it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months for this piercing to heal completely so these steps will need to be followed through regularly.

First and foremost, clean the piercing twice a day with antibacterial soap.

Source: simply_kenna via Instagram 1. Soak a cotton ball in water to moisturize the piercing. 2. Apply the saturated cotton ball to the piercing and hold in place. 3. On your fingertips, using a small amount of anti-bacterial soap work up a lather. 4. Apply to the piercing while tenderly turning the jewelry to assure penetration of the soap throughout the hole. 5. Ensure that you dislodge and remove any buildup using the cotton ball. 6. Allow to soak for two to three minutes and rinse with clean water. 7. Always dry the piercing with a clean tissue. Avoid the use of towels and cloth material due to the fact that not only can they harbor contaminants but there is also the risk of a thread causing potential irritation and infection.

Advantage Of The Septum Rings

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Another advantage of the septum rings piercing is that it compliments other piercings that you have. If you don’t have any other piercings and are concerned that your piercing may not be socially acceptable in a setting that you are obligated to attend then it is easily, removed and no one will ever know of its presence. Similar to a strategically placed tattoo that no one will see unless you show it to them, a septum piercing can be either conspicuous or inconspicuous to accommodate your needs.


Various Reason As To Why People Obtain Piercings

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There are various reason as to why people obtain piercings. The majority of society do it for cosmetic reasons, just because it looks good. These piercings naturally draw attention to that area of the face. So no matter whether you are going for the sensual look or the wild look then this piercing will suit you. There are cultures however that septum nose ring meaning is more toward their practices and beliefs rather than just for ornamental use. Let's explore some of those.

Septum Nose Ring Meaning

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1. In some areas a septum piercing is an outward, visible symbol that a woman has come of age and is on the market for marriage. 2. In India, septum nose rings are given as gifts by family members as security. 3. Also in India it can mean a woman is married and no longer available for marriage. 4. Similar to the daith piercing, septum piercings have been said to have certain medicinal advantages. It has been suggested that a septum rings piercing can ease menstrual cramps and could help childbearing to be less difficult.

Types Of Jewelry For The Piercings

In today’s society body piercing for women has become a highly popular trend. Whether you are considering a nipple piercing or a septum piercing you’re most likely not the only person in a room of 50 to have such piercings.

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In times past the more daring piercings were reserved for those who were considered edgy and geared more toward the bad girl crowd. That is not the case in modern times. Now whether you are more classic or edgy having your septum pierced is considered acceptable across all cultures. Like tattoos piercing have become a type of collectible or hobby. Whether you are the type that prefers to remain fairly normal in your appearance or you would rather push your look to the daring side, having your septum pierced works with both looks. Also if you have this piercing done then expect to be considered a little on the wild side, but that isn’t a problem it is the point you wanted to make from the start.

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1. The Horseshoe- This is your first piece of septum jewelry and is almost always used as the starter piece. It allows for easy manipulation and cleaning. 2. The Seamless Ring- This is a plain ring with no embellishments. 3. Tunnel- A hollow bar that is straight. 4. Beaded Septum Ring- Adorned with beads and jewels these are definite eye catchers. 5. Curved Barbell- A variation of your typical barbell with a slight pitch.


Types Of Jewelry For Your New Septum Piercing

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These are a few of the types of jewelry for your new septum piercing. Another thing to take into consideration when getting your septum pierced is the placement. In certain circumstances, your septum piercing may not be in the exact location of one that your friend obtained. The reason is due to the fact that all our bodies are made differently. Therefore, due to the anatomy of your unique septum, the piercing can potentially be closer to the base or bridge of your nose. This is for safety purposes as that there is a main vein that supplies blood to your nasal area that must be avoided to prevent issues at a later date.

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Another fact about septum piercing is that it can be stretched. The piercing is usually done with either a 16 gauge or a 14 gauge jewelry piece. If you do decide to stretch it you must go very slowly. Don’t stretch until you have had your piercing for 6 months. Once you begin the gauging process it is important to wait 2 months between stretches. If you go too fast with the stretching procedure you run a high risk of a tissue tear or rupture of the piercing.

Happy piercing!