There is no school without school supplies, is there? Luckily, these days, we have access to all possible means and necessities. Nevertheless, every child wishes to look and feel special even when it comes to its back to school means. Today we are going to show you how versatile the school stationery can be. What is more, most of the ideas can be easily replicated on your own, involving your kid in the process. Let’s make the return to school bright, fun, and unique with these simple ideas and entertaining tutorials!


Watercolor Notebook Covers School Supplies

All the back to school supplies that we are going to provide you with our total must-haves for every student. However, you do not need to be like every other student since you can easily succeed with something on your own. Notebooks are irreplaceable when the school starts. Get some cheap notebooks and then decorate them on your own. All you need is a printable pattern like this watercolor one. Glue it on the notebook cover and secure with some intricate masking tape. Check!

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Back To School DIY Binder Folder Top

Binder folder is surely on the back to school supplies list. However, instead of using the one you get from the store, we suggest the top the way you like it so that your binder folder is one of a kind. Besides, such a colorful idea will only brighten up a kids' desk!

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DIY Ombre Journals School Supplies

There is an infinite range of cheap school supplies that can be easily transformed into something over the edge stylish and trendy. Yes, stylish outfits for school aren't the only way for kids to express themselves. For instance, a popular ombre technique can be applied to your notebook, thus creating a detail that will make your kid stand out in the class. All you need to do is to add some colorful scribbles to a cardstock. Make sure that the colors overlap properly. Then, use regular wet wipes to blend the colors. Add some more color when necessary and wrap your notebook into this unique ombre cover!

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DIY Book Cover School Supplies

You do not need regular plastic book covers as long as you have lots of fancy wrapping paper at hand. Choose the patterns that you like most and wrap your books in them. As simple as that!

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DIY Pencil Toppers School Suplies

Have you ever wondered how cute school supplies come to life? The answer is simple – use your imagination and favorite objects! Who said that you couldn’t combine your pencils with your favorite Muppet characters? Just add such toppers to your pencils, and your peers will envy your creativity!

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Mason Jars For DIY Pencils Holder

There are many useful office supplies that you can get from the store. But what about some empty mason jars laying around the kitchen? Have you thought about throwing them out, already? We may know another possible way out! You can easily transform regular mason jars into fancy and useful pencil holders. Just add some paint and fun pictures to the jar and the holder is ready!

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Marble Pencil Holder School Supplies

You need to make sure that your kids take care of mother nature and know everything about recycling. The best way to show them how to recycle correctly is to create something useful out of the things you usually throw out. For example, simple cans can be easily transformed into cure pencil holders. Wrap a can with a marble adhesive foil, trim the edges and even out the angles – a cute pencil holder is ready!

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Upcycle Binder Clips School Supplies

Binder clips are a pure necessity when the school season starts. However, regular ones are so dull and boring, don’t you think? We know what y should do! You should decorate the binder clips with various patterns that washi tape comes in! A simple and effective trick to add some creativity to your monotonous schooling time.

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Chunky Tassel Bookmarks School Supplies

Can there be anything worse than losing the chapter you need in the book? We do not think so. To avoid such a mishap, we suggest you come around with some cool school supplies, such as tassel bookmarks. There is always some yarn laying hidden in the closet. Use it to create fluffy tassels and connect the tassels to straps of paper. There you go! You will never lose the page you have been reading with a bookmark like that!

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Harry Potter Bookmarks School Supplies

Harry Potter fans – rejoice, you can create your perfectly unique bookmark any time you want. All you need is a little bit of your time, patience, and devotion. Use colorful paper stripes and some glue to make such a plaid bookmark. It may take you a while to succeed with it, but such a masterpiece is worth the effort!

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DIY Printed Clipboard Idea

When it comes to school supplies clipart, we can’t leave clipboards out. You can create such a clipboard on your own with just the help of your imagination and few cheap supplies. A sheep of carton paper wrapped into the paper of your preference, a clip and an accustomed pocket in the corner of the board!

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DIY Confetti Pencils School Supplies

These days you can find any pencil design you want, but DIY school supplies are still more fun to experiment with. To create this confetti pencils, al you need are either white pencils or sprayed white pencils. Cover the pencils with round decals and fill in the holes with various shades of acrylic paint. Let it dry out, get rid of the decals, and your personal customized pencils are ready to be used.

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DIY Washi Tape Pencils School Supplies

In case decorating your pencils with paint is too tiresome for you, you can experiment a little with washi tape. Gather around your pencils and your favorite washi tapes. Wrap the pencils into washi tape, and your designer pencils are ready.

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Heart-shaped Paper Clips School Supplies

Even colorful paper clips are still pretty boring, and there is no one to surprise at school with paper clips like that. However, you can easily create a heart out of the regular paper clip. Did you know that? Try it you, and you will not be disappointed!

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DIY Marker Holder

Are your markers lying all over the place just because you do not have a marker holder? We are going to take care of that in no time! Just grab a few toilet paper rolls, decorate them according to your wishes, and glue them to a cute stand. From now on, your markers will have a beautiful holder to be stored in!

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DIY Bottle Pencils Case

There are so many ideas out there for your school supplies that it is hard to list them all. However, if you are still missing a stationery case – use a soda bottle to create one! A little bit of effort and something mundane will become your object of pride!

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DIY Pencil Pouch

Pencil pouch can be a designer item as well. However, you need to come up with an interesting design to be transferred to your pouch. Once you have one in mind, transfer it to the canvas using your sharpies. Keep it in mind that while you are working on the design, to ensure it does not get to the other side of the pouch, put some plastic inside the pouch.

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DIY Monster Backpack

Coming up with a personalized backpack for your kid is a great idea. If you have some spare time at your disposal as well as a sewing machine, you can create one of a kind backpack for your child. Use his favorite cartoon characters as your inspiration and guide!

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Watermelon Correction Tape Tutorial

  • Paint the carcass red.
  • Paint the bottom edge green.
  • Add some black dots and a cute face.
  • Highlight the eyes.
  • Kawai white-out is ready!
Source: Troom Troom SELECT via Youtube

Cloud With Rainbow Sticks Rain School Supplies

  • Take some sparkly foam paper and draw a cloud shape on the back of it.
  • Cut it out.
  • Glue on eyes, smile, and blush to the front.
  • Decorate the cloud with pom-poms.
  • Glue strips of multi-colored sticky strips to the bottom of the cloud.
  • It is a cloud that rains rainbows!
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DIY Pizza Pencils Case

  • Take a few sheets of different-colored felt.
  • Cut out sectors from yellow and orange felt.
  • Fold them together and glue the zipper in-between.
  • Fold the parts in half and glue from all sides.
  • Glues a toasted crust.
  • Add some sausages.
  • Add pepper and olives.
  • Done!
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DIY Fox Pocket Holder Design

  • Take a regular orange folder for papers.
  • Cut out a pair of triangles out of colorful foam paper.
  • Proceed with a pair of different-shaded pentagons.
  • Hot-glue the triangles along the edges of the folder.
  • Add the ears to the other side.
  • Finish off the design with eyes, blush, and a cute nose.
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DIY Cactus Pins Idea

  • Gather some thumbtacks.
  • Make two bulbs out of green modeling clay.
  • Connect the bulbs.
  • Make a flower out of pink clay.
  • Add the flower to the base.
  • Make several holes in a larger bulb.
  • Glues the eyes and a smile.
  • Attach the cactus to the pin.
  • Let it dry.
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FAQ: School Supplies

What are good ideas for school?

  • With a “Rake and Run,” you can help your community.
  • Make a spirit cowbell with a team theme.
  • Make a school spirit.
  • Organize a virtual Senior Night.
  • Organize a virtual talent show.
  • Organize a book donation drive.
  • Organize a “design a mask” competition.
  • Set and Organize a Community Day.

What are some ideas to make a school better?

  • Create a no-cost clothing closet.
  • Distribute backpacks with weekend food.
  • Make a supply of school supplies available to anyone who needs it.
  • Assist them in locating secure transportation.
  • Make sanitary materials available for free.
  • Your school library should be preserved.

What would you change to make your school more attractive?

Holding a badminton court, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a basketball court,
a cricket ground, art classes (music, dance, painting) a library or a gym are some of the great options.