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Comic Halloween Makeup

Comic Halloween Make Up

Source: _niu__ via Instagram

The skeleton teeth always look pretty scary. For a more impressive effect, you could paint the tears or lightning near your eyes. You could also experiment with the colors, – add some pink, yellow or white.

Magic Flowers Painting

Magic Flowers Painting

Source: nikki.paint via Instagram

Create the magic flowers you’ve seen in your dreams on your face, – and all of your friends will be greatly impressed. Use all the variety of colors, – magic flowers can be grey or black or blue. Add some leaves and make your face look as if you were coming from the Hade’s kingdom.

Greed Skeleton Halloween Makeup Idea

Greed Skeleton Halloween Make Up Idea

Source: lauramaquia via Instagram

If you are looking for the unique combination of skeleton and robot, this makeup idea would serve you the best. With the help of silver and gold metal chains, combination of goldish and black tones for the makeup, you’ll look like no one else.

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