World's Most Romantic Weekend Getaways You Will not Forget

Romantic weekend getaways are the perfect way to spoil your significant other altogether with the great possibility to freshen up the fading flames of the original passion. The truth is no matter where you live, there are such perfect places for couples all over the globe. We decided to draw your attention to the best of them.


Unforgettable Trip to Georgia

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Romantic Weekend Getaways in Nature

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Romantic getaways in Georgia are ideal for couples who enjoy mountains and everything connected with them. Telling your loved one about your feelings near the waterfall is so sentimental!

Italian Fairy Tale for Lovers

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Romantic getaways in Italy deserve special attention, since Italy is the country of love and passion. Take your other half on the romantic trip to Venice, no way you would regret it!


Luxury Weekend in Europe

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Europe deserves a special place at the top of the list of romantic places. Think of Paris, the beautiful city of mysteries and extravagant cuisine. Just a thought about it makes you wanna go there!

A Fabulous Weekend at the Seaside

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There are times when you want to escape from the rest of the world. In such cases, going to the seaside where there is no one but you is the perfect solution. We are sure, you’d agree.


The Majestic Romance of the Mountains

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Exotic Beauty of Asia for Vivid Memories

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In case you love discovering new cultures, why not visit Asia? And those who adore the nature will have a great time in the mountains.