Relationship goals are an essential part of almost every woman’s life. We start setting them from the cradle. We look at our mother’s, sister’s, BFF's or even frenemy’s relationship with their Significant Other and think, “Oh man, I want the same for myself!” Or, on the contrary, “Please, leave me out of this!” No matter whether they’re positive or negative, they’re still the goals. If you’re stuck in a rut with your relationship or don’t know where it all goes, or simply don’t have one, our fullest roundup of the best-known couple goals will help you out.


Real Infatuation

This is the primary stage of any relationship. Sometimes, it’s even the only one because it’s so uplifting that some people just live for it. You have sparkles in the eyes, butterflies in the stomach and goose pimples on the skin whenever you think about your crush. When the phone rings, your heart misses a beat, and your wardrobe seems shockingly poor to you. Ah, love! So beautiful and wild, and promising.



Sadly, infatuation is a very fleeting stage though very fun. When it passes, you usually return to your routine life. However, it’s not the same anymore as there’s one more person beside you. They come in our lives with their own habits, behavior and personality, which can be sometimes very annoying or even maddening. Tempers soon begin to fray, and you end up hating each other. Most people only see two possible solutions to this problem: either break up or learn to live with it. But why run to extremes? Try talking things through with your partner. You’re not strangers, are you?

Changing And Upgrading Your Lives

It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, but changes will come. They will come to you, to your partner or in your relationship. This stage is also very delicate because sometimes partners change separately from each other or one of them doesn’t change at all. That’s where the conflict occurs. If you’re changing and your better half isn’t, remember that it’s totally your choice as well as theirs. It’s up to them to decide if they want to change with you. You can motivate them to upgrade their life to your level but never make them do it. This is the basis of the long term relationship.


Empathy And Emotional Safety

Empathy is one of the most essential relationship goals. It gives you and your partner the understanding that you are important and valuable to each other. It lifts you up when you’re feeling down. It supports you at the moments of the highest vulnerability and weakness. It gives you a feeling of emotional safety, which is crucial for the real relationship.

Desire Each Other In Your Minds

Have you ever heard the expression that the sexiest men’s organ is the brain? We couldn’t agree more. However, we would add to it that not only men’s but women’s as well. Of course, physical attraction is significant, but you can’t build a strong relationship on it only. Appearance is what changes very quickly and usually not in a better way. If this is the only thing that keeps you and your partner together, your relationship will most likely end up very soon. So, next time you’re going to the gym, remember that your brain also needs a work-out. It shouldn’t necessarily be an academic research project or a Ph.D. thesis (what’s bad about that though?). Just attend some cultural event, learn a new skill or read an interesting book. And, of course, keep up with the times!


Stimulate Each Other Sexually

Even though we said earlier that you can’t build an ever-lasting relationship on physical attraction, it doesn’t mean you should cross it out from the list of relationship goals. Sexual satisfaction has a very positive effect on a person’s health, mood and productivity. Thus, all spheres of life win from its presence. That’s why it’s so important to keep it on an appropriate level. But what level is appropriate, you ask. Well, for every person, it’s completely individual, so it’s between you and your other half. All we can say that to really enjoy your sexual life, it’s better to place quality over quantity. Still, keep in mind that it would be difficult to achieve quality if you don’t know about your partner’s wants and desires. The hit-and-miss method is probably not the best way to find out what your lover likes. The answer lies on the surface though – simply ask them.

Have Intimacy Beyond Sex

Looks like we’ve said enough about sex and its importance. We also gave you a hint how worthy it is to talk about it. Believe it or not, but intimacy can exist beyond sex. If you manage to succeed in these two indivisible yet individual parts of the real relationship, you’ll bring it to a whole new level.

Remember: Two, Not One

Although it’s so great to be two halves of one whole, you still shouldn’t lose your individuality. We mentioned how vital it is to stay interesting to each other. But, this can hardly be achieved without having a life outside your Significant Other. When you do something separately, you have a chance to miss each other. And, when you reunite, you’re much more excited about seeing each other than you would be if you didn’t separate. So, give each other some room, and you’ll see how greatly this will contribute to achieving your relationship goals.


Be Always #1 For Each Other

Despite the fact that you should spend some time with other people separately, do it in small doses and don’t let it affect your relationship with your partner. Always find a gap for each other in your busy schedule. Find some activity that you would enjoy doing together. This will help to build up your cooperation and binding. Just live your life to the fullest and enjoy each other’s company.

Have Fun Together

Talking about sharing some hobby, it’s crucial to simply have fun together. It’s not a secret that positive emotions help reduce the level of stress, which is crazy high nowadays. If your brain sets the connection between having some quality time with your crush and the stress level lowering, you’ll literally hit healthy, even healing relationship goals.

Understand And Be Honest

You can’t build a healthy relationship on lies. That’s a hard fact. There’s no such a thing as white lies, at least in the relationships. Sooner or later, the truth will come out and everybody will be hurt. Of course, it’s better not to commit anything that you’d have to hide from your partner. However, if you have messed up, we sincerely believe that your bond with your better half is strong enough to live it through. We almost sure they’ll understand. Just show you’re your bellowed one how much you regret and care, and decide together how you could avoid such fails in the future.


Build A Team

We alluded to the cooperation not without a purpose. What relationship goals are those without a strong teambuilding spirit? You’re equal partners. You should support one another and share the same amount of responsibility. You complete each other. You back up each other. You are a Team! With this motto in minds and hearts, you will deal with any difficulties in your life together in a breeze.

Be Always Kind

At times, we get angry with our partners without a reason. But, when the storm is over, we understand that our claims were unreasonable and groundless. Though, it’s too late. Our dearest person is hurt, devastated and confused, as well as we are, frankly speaking. So, what’s happening? Why do we take it out on people we love, not on the offender?

Because we are hurt too. We think bad about ourselves and feel miserable. And when we slander and insult other people, who are the closest to us in all senses, we believe we drop them to our level. It doesn’t make us feel like better people, but it makes us think of them as of worse people. Thus, it makes all of us equally bad in our eyes. It is fair to say that we don’t always do it on purpose. It happens subconsciously.

You might wonder how to escape from this vicious circle. Here’s a short manual: listen to your inner-self, understand your feelings and fight back the offender. And you will live with our partner happily ever after.

Stimulate One Another Intellectually

Again, it’s not necessary to be a PhD to have a good deep talk with each other. To maintain healthy developing relationships, you should be able to keep up the conversations on different topics. Having small talks is fun, of course, but how about a good thorough philosophical discussion? With them, you’ll become each other’s intellectual stimulus. Remember that moving is living. If you don’t go forward, you roll back.


Have Doubts Sometimes

Doubts are a natural thing, as long as people work them out. They can sometimes be even helpful. When you’re in doubt, you prove yourself why everything is the way it is and thus, appreciate it even more. Or, if the subject of your doubt, in reality, makes you suffer, you’ll prove it to yourself too. Hence, doubts are important. Just be honest with yourself and don’t forget to talk them through with your partner even though at first sight, they concern only you.

Bloss In The Spiritual

At some point, you can realize that your relationship has evolved to the highest level, which is known as a spiritual relationship. No secrets, resentments or unsaid words are left. You feel each other thoroughly. You know each other’s thoughts. This is the utmost unity of souls.

Never Stop Holding Hands

You may or may not be a kinesthetic but holding hands is the way of communication you should never give up on. It’s so essential because of all the benefits it gives. You become closer, restore the connection and maintain the appropriate level of romance. Doesn’t it belong to the cute relationship goals?


Be Besties

Last but not least, as much as you are friends with yourself, you should be friends with your partner. It’s impossible to imagine a healthy and long-lasting relationship where partners divide the concepts of friendship and love. We truly believe they go hand in hand.

Setting a goal is a good practice, but achieving it is even better. It’s always easier to compile your relationship goals on visual examples. If you don’t have any within reach, we are happy to offer you our practical guidance.

FAQ: Relationship Goals

What are the three C’s in a healthy relationship?

The three C’s that compose every healthy relationship are: commitment,
communication, compromise. Commitment means respecting each other’s interests, growing together and getting over challenges being by each other’s side. Communication isn’t only about verbally acknowledging each other’s worth but also listening, accepting a different opinion, discussing and proving your love by actions. Compromise is celebrating each other’s differences rather than trying to change them.

What is a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationship is when a partner/friend/family member tries to belittle you in public depreciating your opinion and mocking your decisions, asserting themselves at your expense. They make you feel dependent on them keeping your self-esteem low by convincing you that no one else would want to be with you. Your emotions do not matter and they manipulate you by inducing the feeling of guilt whenever you upset them in any way. You are drifting away from your friends and interests making your life revolving around the toxic partner.