Hints to a Happy and Healthy Partnership - Relationship Advice For Women

Everywhere you look, there are articles offering relationship advice for women. Relationships are wonderful. They can build us up, provide us with a sense of security and most importantly, make us feel loved. But they are also hard work. Some of the tips are extremely helpful, while others are over the top. You need sound, mature advice to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.


Falling in love is quite easy, but staying in love is a bit more challenging. You need to think of your partner as well as yourself and learn to live as one while still managing a sense of self. And at times you may be frustrated as you may feel that your partner isn’t expressing his feelings. You definitely don’t want to walk up to him and demand “Show me love.” You need to be gentle and supportive. Not everyone is as willing to openly express the feelings as others, so you need to learn to comprise.

1. Remember Your Manners

Just because you are now in a committed relationship doesn’t mean you can let your manners slide. You need to let your partner know that he is appreciated. Always remember to say “please” and “thank you.”


2. Remain Financially Independent

Even if your partner wants to spoil you, do not let him pay for everything. Maintain your personal finances and pay your own bills. It is important to maintain your independence even though you are in a relationship.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Your Self Respect

Never lose yourself in a relationship or change yourself to suit your partner. Stay true to who you are. Stand up for yourself and never let your partner put you down. Get help at the first sign of abuse. Your health and peace of mind are more important than changing yourself to fit a partner’s view of you. Never allow yourself to be taken advantage of or abused.


4. Don’t Neglect Your Other Relationships

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It is easy to push aside our friends and loved ones while we are falling in love. While it’s natural, it is not healthy. Your friends and family were there long before your partner, and chances are (in the event of a breakup) they will be there after, as well. Make sure to find a happy balance for all of the important people in your life.

5. Give Your Partner Some Space

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While being together is important in any relationship, it is also important to have some time apart. Don’t smother your partner or text or call him incessantly. Allow him to have his own life and space.


6. Have a Life of Your Own

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That is perhaps one of the most important pieces of relationship advice for women. On the same token, it is imperative to your sanity and the health of your relationship that you also have a life of your own. Don’t give up your interests or your friends for your partner. You both need some time apart and hobbies and interests of your own to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Women tend to be too clingy and lose their sense of self once they are in a committed relationship. Take time for yourself: have a girl’s night out, get a manicure/pedicure, and go for walk. Remember “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

7. Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

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Do not lose sight of your goals or sacrifice your dreams for your significant other. You can fully love him and support his dreams without giving up your own. You will regret it later in life if you abandon your life goals to appease someone else.

8. Don’t Try to Change Your Partner

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Just as you don’t want your partner to try to change you, you need to do the same for him. Let him be who he is and love and respect him for who he is. Don’t judge him or try to impose your ideas or beliefs on him.


9. Accept that Neither of You is Perfect

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Women often set ridiculously high expectations for their partner. No one is perfect, nor will he ever be. Accept and embrace his flaws and imperfections and love him unconditionally.

10. Keep Your Relationship Private

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Do not broadcast intimate details of your life on your social media accounts or gossip with your girlfriends about your lover. Keep your details of your relationship between the two of you if you want things to last.

11. Don’t Lose Yourself

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Remember who you were before you entered your relationship. Your partner fell in love with you for a reason. Also, do not neglect your interests or hobbies now that you have a partner. Remain true to yourself at all times.


12. Don’t Take Advantage of Your Partner’s Kindness

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Your partner will want to go out of his way to pamper you. Do not, under any circumstance, take advantage of his kindness. Don’t give up your independence and lose yourself. Let him treat you occasionally, but remember, you are a team now and it is no longer all about you. You are in a partnership.

13. Don’t Overuse “I Love You”

Of course, we all want to both hear and say “I love you” as much as possible in a relationship. However, if you end every single sentence or thought with “I love you,” it will lose its meaning. Express your love in others ways: write a love note, give him a backrub, make him breakfast in bed...there are countless ways to express your love.

14. It’s Not All About You

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Now that you are in a serious adult relationship, you need to remember that you have entered a mutual partnership. The world does not revolve around you…or your partner. You are a team and you need to make joint decisions. And sometimes you will need to put his needs above yours.


15. Don’t Compare Your Relationship to Others’

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Never, ever compare your relationship to those of your friends. Everyone's relationship is different and moves at a different pace. If you are constantly complaining and comparing yourself to others’ relationships instead of focusing on your own, you are going to miss out on your relationship and also add unnecessary tension and pressure. Enjoy your relationship for what it is. Live in the moment.

There you have it: sound relationship advice for women. Adhere to the above advice and you will have a happy and healthy relationship!

FAQ: Relationship Advice For Women

What are the most important things in a relationship?

Respect is what makes you appreciate your partner’s opinion even if it differs from yours. Mutual respect will never allow anyone in the relationship raise their voice or hurt their feeling in another way. Respect allows you to set boundaries and have your own life that includes hanging out with your friends or having some alone time.
Trusting your partner is another important thing.
Communication is integral to any relationship. And it doesn’t always mean talking about your expectations, but also having uncomfortable conversations and listening to each other.

What is the fighting stage in a relationship?

The second stage of the relationship is when you realize your partner is different from you and you start to notice their flaws. This is when most couples start to fight often. Good thing it only lasts for two or three months. It is worth remembering that is you manage live through this stage together; your relationships will get stronger than ever.