Tips And Tricks To help Against Receding Hairline

It is true that most of us, women, are super scared of receding hairline. Yet, truth be told – if you know what causes the issue it is easier to find a successful way to deal with it. That is something that we are going to talk about in this article. Today we will learn possible issues that trigger the problem as well as we will discuss the ways of dealing with this aftermath. There is always hope, all you need to do is to find some courage to fight for what is yours!


What Contributes To A Receding Hairline

When it comes to receding hairline women, seem to lose all their common sense and fall into despair instantly. However, in order to eliminate the problem, you need to know what adds up to it. So, here is a list of factors that contribute to receding:


If there is a history of receding hairline in your family – it may happen to you too.


Hormonal imbalance is another common factor that results in receding hair.


There are certain types of medication that lead to hair loss.


Poor nutrition will lead to receding hair as well. When your body does not get what it needs various issues start showing up, and receding hair is not the exception.


Being under stress for a very long time will also lead to hair loss.


Early Signs Of A Receding Hairline

Very often, to prevent the issue, you need to spot it first. Here is a list of common signs of receding hairline to pay attention to:

  • lots of hair on your pillow or in your drain
  • hair loss connected to one particular area
  • itchy scalp
  • thin hair and inability to grow it out

How To Regrow Hair On A Receding Hairline

There is nothing impossible, and you shouldn’t just give up when you notice that receding hairline is one of your issues. If you wish to learn how to stop receding hairline, we suggest you continue reading the article!


Quick Fixes

Like any other issue, receding hair has two ways of dealing with it. There are quick and long-term fixes. We are going to start with the quick ones. Read on!

Conceal With Powder

When it comes to the fastest receding hairline treatment, it is safe to say that root touch-up powder is the best one. Not to mention the fact that it is super easy to use. All you need to do is to apply it to the affected areas, and it will grant your hair that necessary volume which will hide the problem away.

Play With a New Part

Very often, the best solution is the simplest one. In this case, changed part can help you forget about your receding hair problem. If you change your usual part, you will not only cover up the issue, but you will also grant that new touch to your general outlook. For instance, a middle part would suit those of you who want to deal with the receding hairline matter as well as to frame the face so that all the benefits are accented.

Change Your Hairstyle

There are times when our usual routines lead to some unfortunate consequences. For example, if you are styling your hair too often, this may have a poor result on it. That is why if you notice that your hair starts to thin and you are aware of the fact how often you style it – leave it be. Just give a few weeks for your hair to get back to normal. During that time, wear your hair in such a manner you haven’t worn it before. This may seem to be too simple to be true, but the reality proves this method to work like nothing else.

Long-Term Aids

Now, when we covered all the fast fixes, it is time to talk about long-term ones. To begin with, it is essential to understand when the receding hair issue is connected with hormones the first thing you need to do is to block harmful ones. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone – is that one hormone you need to be aware of. When there an excess amount of this hormone it leads to shrinking of hair follicles, which results in hair loss.

That is why if you notice that your hair begins to thin and you need a permanent fix – use these ideas to your advantage!


Finasteride is the number one medicine when it comes to DHT blockage. One pill a day will help you stop the issue. What is more it is even said that in some cases it leads to hair regrowth too.


Minoxidil is another hair restoration remedy available. However, unlike finasteride, it does not block the DHT, and it does not come in pill form. Usually, it comes in the form of spray or foam that you need to apply to your hair and scalp. Since it does not block the harmful hormone – what does it do? It nourishes your hair instead, creating a friendly environment for your hair to grow back.

Topical DHT Blockers and Shampoos

Last but not least, we need to mention topical DHT blocker. These are usually shampoos. However, unlike the two suggested above remedies this one is the mildest. It will have the DHT blocking effect yet that is mostly about it. Which means that you won’t let the receding proceed, but you won’t regrow hair either.


Learn More About Blocking Receding

Apart from everything mentioned above, be it quick or long-term fixes, there something else to be done to stop or even prevent the hair loss. The thing is that the lifestyle you lead matters as greatly as the hormones or genetics. That is why we suggest you learn some more about the lifestyle changes that can help you block the receding hairline issue.

Massage Your Scalp

Just like any other type of massage, scalp one helps the blood flow. This means that even a few minutes of such a massage on a daily basis will help you activate the cells and promote hair growth. In case you wonder, which essential oil is best to suit the massage we would say castor oil.

Use Hair Growth Vitamins And Follow Healthy Diet

A healthy lifestyle is something that most people are talking about these days. No matter how annoying it may be but even the receding hairline issue can be solved with the help of a healthy diet. You can also take some minerals and vitamins, but healthy food is the best source of those in any case. That is why if you want your hair to look healthy, to grow fast and not to fall out – make some changes to your menu.

Lower Your Stress And Anxiety

It has been mentioned already that stress can result in dramatic hair loss as well. That is why it is best you take care of your stress level and try to lower it to the best possible level. Try not to overthink your problems and let your beauty rest at least 7-8 hours a day. The changes will be noticeable in the shortest period possible. What is more, you can add yoga or meditation to the routine.

When You Must Visit A Doctor?

Many people may wonder where is that point when you stop trying to fix the issue on your own and visit a doctor. The truth is that some hair loss is natural and in most cases, there is nothing to worry about. However, when you experience massive hair loss, bald spots, etc. – this is the time when you seek professional help, since in some cases the receding hairline may just be the sign of something even worse.

FAQ: Receding Hairline

Does receding hairline mean baldness?

A receding hairline does not automatically imply that a person will become completely bald in the future. It can, however, be a precursor to a disorder known as male pattern baldness, also called androgenetic alopecia. When a man loses his hair, he usually follows a predictable pattern.

How much receding hairline is normal?

The hairline is only one to 1.5 inches above the highest wrinkle on your forehead. A mature hairline will usually recede to this point. You probably have a mature hairline if your hairline is roughly the width of a finger above the top wrinkle. It could be balding if it’s receding onto your scalp.

How much does it cost to fix hairline?

The cost of repairing a hairline varies depending on where you want it done. The procedure can be costly, costing anywhere from $8000 to $9700 if performed in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.