Gorgeous Options for Purple Ombre Hair

Purple Ombre Hair Looks To Stand Out

Are you daring enough for purple ombre hair? You don’t have to go for all-out dramatic deep purple and fluorescent pink style. There are some soft and subtle options, such as lilac or lavender. In fact, there are plenty of options for purple ombre!


Whether you choose purple or red ombre hair styles, you are obviously ready to make a bold statement.

However, if you aren’t feeling quite that bold yet, you can opt for a more subtle blonde ombre hair style. And if you are ready to take the plunge, purple ombre is definitely a way to stand out from the crowd.

1. Silver and Purple

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

With its long layers and sweet and sassy appeal, this lavender and silver combination will flatter anyone.


2. Purple and Blue Ombre

Source: Hairbymorganmortimer via Instagram

This totally creative combo with brilliant blue and purple streaks will nicely complement a natural blonde or brown hue.


3. Purple Pixie

Source: Katiezimbalisalon via Instagram

With its feathered side bangs, this bright blue to lavender pixie (and every shade in-between) is totally exquisite.


4. Subtle Purple Ombre

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

This look is best for those who just want a subtle hint of purple color that won’t draw too much attention to their hair. Deep purple on dark black is as nice as soft lilac strands on a platinum blonde base.


5. Ravishing Rainbow

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this colorful rainbow ombre, with its neon greens, brilliant orange and yellows, hot pinks, breathtaking blues and stunning purples, will make you the center of attention wherever you go!

6. Reverse Purple Ombre

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

Most often, purple ombre tends to run from light to dark, this reverse ombre starts with darker purple and fades gradually to a pretty lavender shade.

7. Subtle Lavender Highlights

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

This subtle shade of light purple blends nicely with both blonde and brunette tones.


8. Lavender Tips on Long Hair

Source: Butterflyloftsalon via Instagram

If you are unsure about purple hair dye, why not keep your natural hue and add some lavender just to the tips? It looks especially stunning on really long hair. And if you don’t like it, you can always cut the tips and opt for a different shade!

9. Lavender Highlights for Dark Hair

Source: Evalam_ via Instagram

Dark hair is perfect for a gorgeous violet ombre. Keep your roots and bottom layers dark and add soft purple highlights for a totally adorable effect.

10. Purple and Dark Brown Balayage

Source: Kellymassiashair via Instagram

This shiny purple balayage on dark brown curly hair is absolutely captivating.


11. Purple and Hot Pink Ombre

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

For those who want a rocker chick look, this one was made with you in mind! If you want to turn heads wherever you go, this hot pink and purple ombre style, with its soft waves, is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

12. Black Hair with Dark Purple and Blue Highlights

Source: Soraverly via Instagram

This style, with its choppy layers that are accentuated with deep purple and electric blue streaks, is totally vampy.

13. Reddish Purple and Black

Source: Sydniiee via Instagram

This reddish purple is quite trendy and ideal if you are feeling bold. Paired with midnight black, it will certainly steal the spotlight.


14. Dark Purple and Ash Blonde Ombre

Source: Evalam_ via Instagram

This stunning reverse ombre purple and blonde combo works perfectly for this asymmetrical bob.

15. Blonde and Lavender Beach Waves

Source: Evalam_ via Instagram

This mystical mermaid combo of beach blonde and soft lavender is super chic and feminine. The chunky blonde waves with lavender tips are ideal for a summer day on the beach.

Are you ready to go for a gorgeous purple ombre hair look? Try one of these fun styles and show off your more daring side!