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11. Hollyhocks


This amazing flower can sometimes reach the height of 9 feet. Isn’t that stunning? They can definitely add a nice vertical element to your garden design. They are relatively easy to grow; the only problem you might encounter is the danger of the rust attack, – to avoid it, remember to water the flowers from below and make sure that the plant has good air circulation. With these tips, you can adorn your garden with beautiful hollyhocks.

12. Foxgloves


Do you like tall plants? If so, definitely consider including foxgloves into your garden. They grow well in rich, well-draining soil and prefer afternoon shade. They are grown from the seed and start producing flowers in the second year. They look very lovely.

13. Wisteria


It starts blooming in spring with big clusters of purple flowers that look like the flowers from some fairy tale. It will look especially good in the backyard. It does require full sun and fertile and well-drained soil. It’s better to plant it in the spring or fall.

14. Catmint


This flower is very aromatic and looks very charming. The plant was first cultivated in ancient Rome and was used for making herbal tea. These flowers are super easy to grow and can be used for mass planting while covering up a big territory. They can be grown in sun or partial shade.

15. Rambling Roses

Rambling Roses

These are the type of roses that have flexible branches that make them good for growing over some arches. They produce clusters of stunning flowers and, thus, look breathtaking. They will definitely become the center of attention in your garden.

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