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6. Verbena


This flower loves the sun, so if you’ve decided to adorn your garden with it, choose the sunniest spot. This tall plant with small flowers can create the sunny like carefree mood and can be associated with freedom and joy. The flowers also have a very pleasant smell.

7. Hellebore


This plant is among the earliest ones to start blooming. The flowers look stunning and in a way resemble the roses. The flowers prefer partial to full shade, so it’s better to plant them in the shady spot. It’s a perennial flower, so when you notice the leaves turning brown, you can simply cut them back and keep some of the seed pods to plant.

8. Osteospermum


Osteospermum or African daisies, as its second name suggests, resemble daisies. The petals of this flower might be smooth like that in a daisy or have a spoon shape. They bloom better when exposed to the sun, but during very hot weather, they would appreciate some shadow. They usually bloom from May through the fall. These flowers would not only decorate your garden but will look amazing in your house as well.

9. Periwinkle


Known also by the name Vinca, this plant has small yet beautiful flowers and leaves. It’s a low-growing plant, so it’s good to plant it in a large spot that you would like to get covered by elegantly beautiful flowers. Restrict its growth if you don’t want to cover the whole territory with these flowers. They can also adorn your house, put them in a vase and enjoy viewing its beauty.

10. Hosta


These flowers are known for its lush foliage and low maintenance. They can tolerate almost any soil and grow for years. All you need to do is to fertilize them each spring and put some sand around the plants to protect them from the slugs. So, with the little effort, you will have a nice addition to your garden.

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