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1. Purple Irises with Marigolds

Purple Irises with Marigolds

The word ‘iris’ means rainbow and symbolizes eloquence. There are more than 200 species of irises, and each of them looks uniquely beautiful. If you mix irises together with marigolds in your garden, you’ll achieve an unspeakably wonderful combination of purple and golden colors that can please the eye. These flowers are also great for home decoration.

2. Lychnis or Rose Campion

Lychnis or Rose Campion

The color of these flowers is so intense that while just observing them, one can get lost in this beauty. They usually flower in summer and grow about 2ft high. It requires very low maintenance and is highly-disease free. Make a bouquet of these flowers and brighten up someone’s day with this beauty.

3. Black Lily

Black Lily

This flower has deep purple (almost black) color. Its unique color makes it adorable and mysterious. With proper care, the flower is sure to make your garden look unique and enigmatic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bloom for a long time, but it’s definitely worth planting it. It can adorn your home as well as used for making a truly alluring bouquet.

4. Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis

Clematis comes in various shades but the purple one looks very classy and elegant. While planting it, take into account that the flowers like bright sunshine, yet the root should be in the shade. As it is the climber, a good idea is to plant it along a sunny wall or the fence, and your wall will look much more lively.

5. Ajuga Reptans

Ajuga Reptans

This plant with deep purple flowers can spread on the ground really well, so it can cover up a vast spot in your garden. It looks delicately attractive and has a very long flowering period, which is definitely a great advantage.

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