Top Amazingly Beautiful Purple Flowers

You might wonder what can tell purple flowers about you and which are the best for your garden. Purple color can symbolize so many things; it comes in various shades and looks strikingly beautiful. Rich shades of the color can create the feeling of refinement, slightly lighter version of the color can take you into an airy and romantic mood.


Depending on your preferences, you can pick up purple flowers that would look especially good in your garden. Here are some of the best purple flowers to choose from.

1. Purple Irises with Marigolds

The word ‘iris’ means rainbow and symbolizes eloquence. There are more than 200 species of irises, and each of them looks uniquely beautiful. If you mix irises together with marigolds in your garden, you’ll achieve an unspeakably wonderful combination of purple and golden colors that can please the eye. These flowers are also great for home decoration.


2. Lychnis or Rose Campion

The color of these flowers is so intense that while just observing them, one can get lost in this beauty. They usually flower in summer and grow about 2ft high. It requires very low maintenance and is highly-disease free. Make a bouquet of these flowers and brighten up someone’s day with this beauty.

3. Black Lily

This flower has deep purple (almost black) color. Its unique color makes it adorable and mysterious. With proper care, the flower is sure to make your garden look unique and enigmatic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bloom for a long time, but it’s definitely worth planting it. It can adorn your home as well as used for making a truly alluring bouquet.


4. Purple Clematis

Clematis comes in various shades but the purple one looks very classy and elegant. While planting it, take into account that the flowers like bright sunshine, yet the root should be in the shade. As it is the climber, a good idea is to plant it along a sunny wall or the fence, and your wall will look much more lively.

5. Ajuga Reptans

This plant with deep purple flowers can spread on the ground really well, so it can cover up a vast spot in your garden. It looks delicately attractive and has a very long flowering period, which is definitely a great advantage.


6. Verbena

This flower loves the sun, so if you’ve decided to adorn your garden with it, choose the sunniest spot. This tall plant with small flowers can create the sunny like carefree mood and can be associated with freedom and joy. The flowers also have a very pleasant smell.

7. Hellebore

This plant is among the earliest ones to start blooming. The flowers look stunning and in a way resemble the roses. The flowers prefer partial to full shade, so it’s better to plant them in the shady spot. It’s a perennial flower, so when you notice the leaves turning brown, you can simply cut them back and keep some of the seed pods to plant.

8. Osteospermum

Osteospermum or African daisies, as its second name suggests, resemble daisies. The petals of this flower might be smooth like that in a daisy or have a spoon shape. They bloom better when exposed to the sun, but during very hot weather, they would appreciate some shadow. They usually bloom from May through the fall. These flowers would not only decorate your garden but will look amazing in your house as well.


9. Periwinkle

Known also by the name Vinca, this plant has small yet beautiful flowers and leaves. It’s a low-growing plant, so it’s good to plant it in a large spot that you would like to get covered by elegantly beautiful flowers. Restrict its growth if you don’t want to cover the whole territory with these flowers. They can also adorn your house, put them in a vase and enjoy viewing its beauty.

10. Hosta

These flowers are known for its lush foliage and low maintenance. They can tolerate almost any soil and grow for years. All you need to do is to fertilize them each spring and put some sand around the plants to protect them from the slugs. So, with the little effort, you will have a nice addition to your garden.

11. Hollyhocks

This amazing flower can sometimes reach the height of 9 feet. Isn’t that stunning? They can definitely add a nice vertical element to your garden design. They are relatively easy to grow; the only problem you might encounter is the danger of the rust attack, - to avoid it, remember to water the flowers from below and make sure that the plant has good air circulation. With these tips, you can adorn your garden with beautiful hollyhocks.


12. Foxgloves

Do you like tall plants? If so, definitely consider including foxgloves into your garden. They grow well in rich, well-draining soil and prefer afternoon shade. They are grown from the seed and start producing flowers in the second year. They look very lovely.

13. Wisteria

It starts blooming in spring with big clusters of purple flowers that look like the flowers from some fairy tale. It will look especially good in the backyard. It does require full sun and fertile and well-drained soil. It’s better to plant it in the spring or fall.

14. Catmint

This flower is very aromatic and looks very charming. The plant was first cultivated in ancient Rome and was used for making herbal tea. These flowers are super easy to grow and can be used for mass planting while covering up a big territory. They can be grown in sun or partial shade.


15. Rambling Roses

These are the type of roses that have flexible branches that make them good for growing over some arches. They produce clusters of stunning flowers and, thus, look breathtaking. They will definitely become the center of attention in your garden.

16. Delphinium

These flowers can beautify any garden. They are commonly planted in groups and can impress everyone who looks at them. They like the sun, but the soil should be moist. They should also be planted in humus-rich, well-drained, organic soils.

17. Phlox

The rich purple color of these plants can brighten up the mood. They are also known for its pleasant vanilla-like smell. They grow quickly in full sun and don’t require high maintenance.


18. Hardy Geraniums

These are dense carpet-like flowers that can turn your garden into a pleasant and joyful place. They are mostly low growing with nice purple flowers held above the foliage. They prefer full sun or partial shade.

19. Peonies

Peonies are great flowers for your garden. They will also look beautiful in a vase in your house. They have rich purple foliage all summer long, and they look so beautiful that one might get joy by simply looking at those flowers. Besides, they require very little maintenance.

20. Cosmos

These plants are known for their strikingly beautiful flowerheads. They will not only decorate your garden but will also attract butterflies and birds. Simply plant seeds in well-drained moist soil and after some time enjoy looking at these wonderful flowers.