Rainbow Foods That Are as Pretty as They Are Yummy

Super Pretty And Delicious Rainbow Foods To Try

Have you ever had the chance to try rainbow foods? Besides the fact that it looks amazing, it tastes so great!

We have collected 36 photos that will inspire you. Have a happy pining!


Photo 1-6: Rainbow Foods

Photo 1: Rainbow Layer Cake. Source: The Parade Photo 2: Rainbow Cake. Source: The Justataste Photo 3: Rainbow Cupcakes. Source: The Cookquiltcrochet

Photo 4: Unicorn Cake. Source: The Vertortelt Photo 5: Rainbow Fudge. Source: The Wineandglue Photo 6: Rainbow Cake. Source: Thelittleepicurean


Photo 7-12: Rainbow Foods

A rainbow cake is ideal for special occasions and can serve as one of the yummiest birthday parties and 4th of July desserts. There are many recipes, and most of them are time-consuming. However, those recipes are not very difficult. Basically, you should bake six layers of cake. These layers should be white and even. Use gel food colors to color the white layers. Cover the cake with white frosting.

Photo 7: Rainbows & Sprinkles Cake. Source: The Sweetapolita Photo 8: Rainbow Ruffle Birthday Cake. Source: The Iambaker Photo 9: Rainbow Cake in a Jar. Source: The Babble

If you are planning a birthday party for children, mind that you should avoid adding artificial food colors to the cake and sugar cookies. Vegetables and fruits are great natural dyes.

Photo 10: Rainbow Cake. Source: The Cakecentral Photo 11: Rainbow Birthday Cake. Source: The Meaningfulmama Photo 12: Rainbow Macaron Tower. Source: The Annies-eats

Photo 13-18: Rainbow Foods

Just take many food coloring gels and get crazy while cooking rainbow cupcakes! You can pick any recipe to bake the cupcakes, and we will help you with the frosting. Take butter that contains no salt (three sticks); half a teaspoon of butter flavoring; powdered sugar (four cups); and sprinkles, if you want.

Photo 13: Rainbow Petal Cake. Source: The Birdonacake Photo 14: Pastel Rainbow Ruffle Cake. Source: The Bubbleandsweet Photo 15: Rainbow Cake. Source: The Cakesdecor

Take the mixer and place the butter in its bowl. Cream it for about three minutes. It should become fluffy and light.

Photo 16: Fantasy Vanilla Almond Rainbow Cupcakes. Source: The Amandacupcake Photo 17: Rainbow Cupcake. Source: The Nastygal Photo 18: Checkered Rainbow Cake. Source: The Azlitamasammanis


Photo 19-24: Rainbow Foods

Medium-high speed is perfect for mixing the butter. For the next step, make the speed low. Now take powdered sugar and split it in eight portions. Add it to the mixture, one portion at a time. If you put all powdered sugar in the bowl at once, it will take longer till it becomes mixed thoroughly.

Photo 19: Unicorn Ombre Cake. Source: crumbsanddoilies via Instagram Photo 20: Quilling Cake. Source: The Cakesdecor Photo 21: Rainbow Smoothie. Source: Thefirstyearblog

Then place the butter flavoring in the mixture. Pipe it onto the cupcakes. You can do it any way you want. Some sprinkles will make the dessert look more interesting.

Photo 22: Unicorn Cupcake. Source: crumbsanddoilies via Instagram Photo 23: Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Source: The Gimmedelicious Photo 24: Rainbow Cake. Source: nhomebakes via Instagram

Photo 25-30: Rainbow Foods

It might sound surprising, but cakes can be beneficial for your health, as well. They contain much sugar and flour. These products provide your organism with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can keep people alert for a long time. These foods give us energy. Our brain needs carbohydrates, too.

Photo 25: Rainbow Army of Meringue Kisses. Source: crumbsanddoilies via Instagram Photo 26: Rainbow Cake. Source: samanthacakesnbakes via Instagram Photo 27: Buttercream Rainbow Cake. Source: bakecakefeed via Instagram

Cake is a good source of oils and fats. In small amount, fat and oil is necessary for our body. It provides us with heat and energy that allows us to stay warm when the weather is cold.

Photo 28: Rainbow Crepe Cake. Source: wawa0319 via Instagram Photo 29: Rainbow Rosettes Cake. Source: perfectly_petite_treats via Instagram Photo 30: Rainbow Cake. Source: madamecorry via Instagram


Photo 31-36: Rainbow Foods

To create rainbow sushi, you can either use several types of fish or just color the rice with the help of natural ingredients. To dye the rice, you can use spirulina, matcha, turmeric, and beet powder.

Photo 31: Rainbow sushi. Source: kim_estherrhealthyblog via Instagram Photo 32: Rainbow Cake. Source: eats.and.the.city via Instagram Photo 33: Rainbow Popsicles. Source: Thefirstyearblog

Besides helping you to make the rolls look awesome, these ingredients have many health benefits. For example, only one tablespoon of spirulina contains protein, magnesium, Niacin, iron, Thiamin, copper, and Riboflavin. If you work out in the gym, you may find it advantageous that spirulina can improve muscle endurance and strength.

Photo 34: Naked Rainbow Cake. Source: sarahscupcakefactory via Instagram Photo 35: Rainbow Cake. Source: kataclysmically via Instagram Photo 36: Rainbow Cake. Source: martinisandmascara via Instagram