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7. Tapered Ends

Source: Evalam_ via Instagram

Tapered Ends

With horizontal layers starting at the collarbone and then going on from there, you will love this sexy yet sleek look that still has a lot of texture.

8. Sexy V-Line

Source: Glamyourcrown via Instagram

Sexy V-Line

This style with its V-cut that resembles a mane is super sexy and edgy. If you have natural waves, you can totally rock this style. Those with straight hair simply have to curl the bottom half of their locks with a thick curling iron.

9. Balayage Bedhead

Source: Glamyourcrown via Instagram

Balayage Bedhead

These long, luscious layers make it simple to just roll out of bed and go! Dry shampoo and sea salt spray can really enhance this look. And we love the subtle yet sexy balayage tones that add a ton of texture and shine!

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