Haircuts for long hair can be tricky. You want to find a look that will add volume and texture without taking away from the longer length of your tresses. Have no fear, as there is a ton of sexy styles for long hair!


Long haircuts are so versatile that you can wear your hair down or slick it back into a sexy updo. Plus, there is a ton of color options from high or lowlights to babylights to balayage and ombre tones.

From curly styles to layered haircuts to fun and trendy color options, we have it all covered!

1. Long Tight Curls

Source: Camouflageandbalayage via Instagram

This sexy long style with round, blending layers will make your natural curls feel weightless. Ask your hair stylist for long layers. This look is super low maintenance because you can just wash it, spritz in some sea salt spray, and go!


2. Long Ombre Layers

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If you have caught the ombre bug, you’ll love these sexy waves with a subtle yet stunning ombre. The curls cascade gracefully down your back with an almost waterfall effect thanks to the gorgeous golden shades of ombre.

3. Heavy Front Layers

Source: The.blonde.chronicles via Instagram

This look with heavy layers framing the face and snipped layers throughout is perfect for straight or fine hair as it adds a ton of movement and texture. This look works best on those with heart shaped or oval faces.


4. Multiple Layers Throughout

Source: Emmachenartistry via Instagram

This look is totally chic and stylish with mixed layers thought to add a ton of volume and movement. The shorter layers frame the face for a sultry look and the other layers are about mid length for a long sensual flow.

5. Messy Loose Curls with Thick Fringe

Source: Themoptop via Instagram

This style has a ton of volume. If you have naturally curly hair, you’ll have no problem rocking these curly locks. If you were not blessed with curls, simply use a large barreled curling iron and alternate the direction while curling your hair. The thick bangs make this look super sexy and modern.


6. Tapered Ends

Source: Evalam_ via Instagram

With horizontal layers starting at the collarbone and then going on from there, you will love this sexy yet sleek look that still has a lot of texture.

7. Sexy V-Line

Source: Glamyourcrown via Instagram

This style with its V-cut that resembles a mane is super sexy and edgy. If you have natural waves, you can totally rock this style. Those with straight hair simply have to curl the bottom half of their locks with a thick curling iron.

8. Balayage Bedhead

Source: Glamyourcrown via Instagram

These long, luscious layers make it simple to just roll out of bed and go! Dry shampoo and sea salt spray can really enhance this look. And we love the subtle yet sexy balayage tones that add a ton of texture and shine!


9. Sexy and Shaggy

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram

This long shaggy cut is so sexy with its choppy layers that start just beneath the ears to add much volume to even the finest hair. But what we love about this look is the bold burst of color!

10. Chaotic Choppy Curls

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

These choppy layered curls are perfect for a casual yet sexy vibe. Some soft baby lights will add a ton of texture to this sultry style.

11. Lots of Layers

Source: Stephsa via Instagram

This look has a ton of layers that start from the top to add an insane amount of volume! Add in some piecey layers and bursts of color for a totally fun and youthful look!


12. Side Swept Bangs and Long Layers

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram

This look is stylish and chic with its long layers and sexy side swept bangs. To add some dimension, add a few subtle shades of ombre or balayage.

13. Sleek and Smooth

Source: via Instagram

These long layers are perfect for those who want a straight and sleek look. Some darker tones really add depth to this elegant look.

14. Fun and Feathered

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram

This look with long, sexy curls and feathered fringe is retro yet sexy for a fun take on a trendy look from the 70s. Embrace your inner hippie chic and rock those locks!

Don’t you just love these gorgeous haircuts for long hair? We hope you found one that works for your style and personality!


15. Colored Undertint

Source: Jaymz.marsters via Instagram

Bright colors are absolutely fashionable this summer. Use pink shades to accentuate your platinum blonde. If you are not ready for decisive changes, ask the stylist to dye only the tips, covering them with a cascade of hair.

16. Wavy Layered Hairstyle with Symmetric Fringe

Source: Soraverly via Instagram

A symmetrical fringe helps to accentuate facial features. In addition, the bangs will make you look several years younger.

17. Straight Hair

Source: Gracezip via Instagram

Straight hair is especially popular this season. Wear this haircut with the trendy blonde ombre or balayage.


19. Stair Steps

Source: Harttofcolor via Instagram

Stair steps will make your image more feminine. Use different ways of styling to create new looks.

20. Curly Cascade

Source: Bellamihair/ via Instagram

Do you have unruly curly hair? Use layered haircuts to make it flirtatious and playful. The curls are the hit of the season. If you have straight hair, use a curling iron or curler to get the look you want.

FAQ: Haircuts For Long Hair

How can I make my curls last longer?

Make sure you aren’t curling your hair in a humid bathroom.
Apply texturizing spray before you style your hair. Get a curler with a controllable heat setting and set the temperature anywhere between 300 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose a curler of a smaller barrel size, the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls will turn out. Grab smaller sections of hair. Once you’ve curled it, allow your curls to cool down securing it with an alligator clip. Brush your curls and apply hairspray.

What does a texturizing spray do?

A texturizing spray creates a carefree and airy look, it is a mixture of a dry shampoo and sea salt spray that adds volume and grit to the hair without weighting it down. It is a lifesaver for people with straight soft hair that doesn’t hold curls very well. If you have layers in your hair, apply some of this product before styling and this is what is going to make your haircut noticeable.