All The Essential Things You Need To Be Aware Of Platonic Love

No matter the century, social status or nationality – all people equally dream about finding real love. When you think about it, without love life would be merely pointless. However, you should realize that there are different types of love: romantic, unconditional, and finally platonic love. Platonic type of love is quite mysterious, and it is difficult at times to understand it. Very often, platonic love can appear between kindred spirits. We decided that today’s survey we are simply bound to devote to it. Everything you need to know about the platonic feelings can be found here!


How To Understand Platonic Love And Friendship

What is platonic love? That is the question that many of you may have asked themselves at one period in life or another. The truth is that platonic love is usually perceived as love between friends. Such an approach is partially correct, however, when you love your friend platonically, you are ready to do anything for him, but that does not involve physical closeness. To put it simply, you love your friend, but there is nothing that attracts you to him or makes you think about taking your relationship to the next level, you are comfortable just where you are, and that is beautiful.


What’s The Difference Between Romantic Love And Platonic Love?

Not everyone realizes that romantic love and platonic one are entirely different, but that does not mean that either of them is not a strong and deep connection with a person, quite on the contrary. However, platonic lovers are not afraid to hurt each other feelings, to tell the truth straight or to do the dirty work. While with romantic love, you are in fact afraid to hurt your loved one's feelings, you are always looking for the compromise instead of a fight and you help your loved one deal with the consequences of a dirty deed rather than offering a helping hand in doing it. To sum everything up – platonic love is about friends while romantic one is about lovers and life partners.

Main Traits Of Platonic Relationships

At times, it may be difficult to figure out whether your relationship is a platonic relationship. In such a case, the first thing you should do is to ask yourself if you are really just friends or maybe there is something more between you? We know that figuring something like this on your own may be quite tricky that is why we suggest you three simple steps to follow to determine what is going on between you and your friend, or someone more than just a friend.


You Know And Respect Your Friend’s Boundaries

Boundaries are something that every person has, and when you are in a platonic relationship, you not only need to know about these boundaries but also to respect them. If your friend is uncomfortable with sleeping with you in one room while traveling – you do not need to push it just accept it. The situations like this may be many, and all of them differ, but when you learn about them, and you feel like you are totally okay with them, then you can consider your relationship platonic.

You Don’t Owe Each Other Anything Except Friendship

Platonic meaning no commitments and no expectations, you need to be aware of it. If you are expecting something in return, then this is definitely not a platonic feeling you have towards the person. Think carefully about it since this is one of the essential steps towards the understanding of your relationship.


You Are Truly Honest In Every Way

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Platonic kind of love is that one possibility for you to be a 100% honest since it is your best friend in front of you. While in a romantic relationship you need to tell white lies from time to time not to ruin the relationship – here you do not need to pretend or sugarcoat anything, and that is the main difference.

The Sexual Tension Between Platonic Friends: How To Keep The Friendship Intact

The thing is that former partners can become platonic friends as well, but there is always that fear of sexual tension that may ruin everything. Well, to tell you the truth everything is manageable if you know what to do in a situation like that. In case you don’t we are going to help you out! There are five simple steps to follow to overcome anything that may stand between you and your platonic love!

TIP #1: Discuss Your Feelings With The Other Person

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If there is the slightest chance that you feel something more than just friendly feelings towards the person you are in a platonic relationship with – bring it up. Of course, it may end everything in the beginning, but at least you won’t fall into the trap set by yourself. Do not skip this important step in no case!


TIP #2: Set Boundaries Together

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Remember personal boundaries? Well, it is time you set some common boundaries between you and when something, if anything, changes you are bound to bring it up straight away. Such an approach will make things a lot easier for both of you.

TIP #3: Be Adults About It

It is essential to be adult about your platonic love. The thing is that you should in no case pretend or play some games with your friend. If there is something you are feeling or have to share – do not hold it back!

TIP #4: Be Open And Honest About What You Want Out Of The Friendship

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It is all about benefits, let’s be honest about it. That is why if it is a woman and a man relationship you need to figure it out straight away what you are getting out of it. To put it simply you need to understand why being friends is more beneficial than being lovers. As simple as that!


TIP #5: Remember, It Does Not Matter What Society Says About You

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Truth be told platonic love is usually frowned upon in the modern world. It seems like most people can’t accept it that a man and a woman can be real friends. However, you should remember that it does not matter what random people may think about your relationship with your friends, it matters highly what you think and how you feel. Yet, in order to prevent some misunderstandings, you need to let people close to you, like your parents, partners, other close friends, know about what is actually going on between you.

Platonic love a well-known fact and a mystery – which is it? Today we are going to tell you everything about the matter, what is more, we will help you figure out whether your relationship is platonic and how to save it if it is.

FAQ: Platonic Love

Is platonic love good or bad?

It is both beneficial and vital to have platonic interactions. Because social relationships are so important to our emotional and physical well-being, having individuals in our lives who we love but aren’t sexually or sensually attracted to is really beneficial.

What is the opposite of platonic love?

Sexual or romantic relationships are the polar opposite of a platonic relationship.

What is empty love?

Commitment without passion or closeness characterizes empty love. A powerful love may sometimes turn into an empty love. It’s also possible that the opposite will happen. An arranged marriage, for example, may start out empty but blossom into a different kind of love with time.