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Table Plant Stand Designs

White Plant Table With Shelf

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White Plant Table With Shelf #whitetable #shelves

Very often there are so many plants in your possession that a mere stand is not enough. In times like these, we suggest you opt for a plant table. If the table has a shelf beneath – that is even a better table stand. You can keep your plants on the top and the shelf, in such a case, your plants will be safely gathered in one place, and some room around the house will be undoubtedly saved.

Roller Wood Table Plant Stand

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Roller Wood Table Plant Stand #woodtable #rollertable

Portable stand is very often a practical solution. There are times when you need to move your plants since there may be too little or too much sun reaching them. A roller wood stand can solve the problem straight away.

Small Wood Plant Table

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Small Wood Plant Table #smallwoodtable

There are times when an intricate stand is undoubtedly not your cup of tea, but there are still plants to be placed somewhere. We think that the best option in a situation like this would be to purchase a simple wooden table. It can efficiently serve several purposes, and that is precisely what makes it is so attractive to opt for.

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