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Metal Plant Stand Designs

Metal Plant Stand With Shelves

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Metal Plant Stand With Shelves #metalplantstand #shelves

Modern plant stand ideas are many. If you are searching for a useful one, then this metal stand with shelves is precisely what you need. The thing is that you can place your plants on while keeping some other belongings of yours at the same stand. Those of you who value space will surely consider such a practical addition.

Simple Gold Metal Plant Stand

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Simple Gold Metal Plant Stand #goldmetalplantstand

Those of you who are in love with modern minimalism will undoubtedly find this metal plant stand more than charming. The thing is that it is not only compact but also gorgeous looking due to gold coating. What is more, you can combine a few of those stands to create a perfect decoration in the room.

Cubic Metal Plant Stand

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Cubic Metal Plant Stand #geometricplantstand

Geometrical patterns are totally in favor now. This means that geometric figures can serve a purpose too. A cubic metal plant stand is convenient, especially if you have kids or pets at home. The thing is that such a stand is not that easy to tip over and parents or pet owners will value this feature above all.

Big Metal Plant Stand

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Big Metal Plant Stand #plantholder #metalplantstand

There are many reasons why you need to consider a metal stand for your plants. The truth is that while it does not take up a lot of space, it offers a lot of room for your plants. What is more, it is usually pretty heavy which makes it durable. In case you have been searching for a stand with multiple plant holders this may be your perfect option.

Triangular Metal Plant Stand

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Triangular Metal Plant Stand #metalplantstand #shelves

It has been mentioned before that a used ladder can be a perfect addition to your interior in terms of suitable room for plants. However, not everyone is fond of rustic elements in the décor. That is why we are suggesting to your attention this triangular metal stand with plant shelves. In our opinion, it is the perfect equivalent to good old ladder but with a modern touch to it.

Metal Vintage Plant Stand With Shelve

Source: teak_geek_to via Instagram

Metal Vintage Plant Stand With Shelve #vintageplantstand

A plant stand can serve multiple purposes. If you do not trust us – have a look at this vintage plant stand with a shelf. You can keep the plant on the top while storing your favorite magazines or vinyl records right beneath it.

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