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Colorful Shoulder Tattoos

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Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo Design For Shoulder #shouldertattoo #watercolortattoo

Fiery Red Phoenix Tattoo Idea For Shoulder #shouldertattoo
Pink Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo Design #shouldertattoo #watercolortattoo #watercolorphoenixtattoo

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Phoenix Bird Tattoo Design For Shoulder #shouldetattoo
Galaxy Phoenix Tattoo Idea #shouldertattoo
Dark Phoenix Tattoo Idea For Shoulder #shouldertattoo

Not everyone is a fan of huge tattoos that is true. That is why if you are looking for something smaller to begin your journey into the world of tattoos with – then these phoenix tattoo small shoulder ideas may come in handy. Whether you are a watercolor kind of person or feisty red orange hues are your theme – we have it covered. Choose the bird that represents your resurrection best, add something personal, find a professional salon and get ready to change your life and your look once and for all!

Main photo by alisa_tesla_art