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Explore Paris – One of the Best Places to Visit in the World

Paris is a city that has mesmerized people around the world with its connection to love. The city which is central to fashion has many sight-seeing options and activities that do not need you to dive into your purse. Let money take the back seat as you explore parts of the city which offer invaluable memories without a price. The places in Paris are some of the best places to visit in the world.

1. Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Paris is among the most spectacular European cities, where there is a big number of historical landmarks. A visit to this epitomic structure of the medieval era will cost you nothing. The memories you create here will be priceless. It is an architectural beauty with Gothic touches that entice every visitor. There is no fee for visiting this beautiful structure, although you will have to pay if you want to climb its twin towers. In addition to be one of the best enchantments of Paris, it is one of the best places to visit in the world.

Explore Paris – One of the best places to visit in the world

2. Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen

If a budget travel is your aim, the St. Ouen flea market is an exquisite display of antiquities that will leave you amazed. The intricately designed tapestries, the eccentric bearskin rugs and the brass diving bells will transport you to a place which is to an extent unconventional. Indulge in some window shopping at this flea market to get an insight into the peculiar tastes of men when it comes to collectibles.

3. Cimitière du Père Lachaise

The Parisian cemetery boasts of being the resting place from some of the most celebrated personalities. Literary geniuses like Proust, Balzac, Oscar Wilde and Edith Paif lie in the peaceful grounds of this cemetery. Jim Morrison was also buried in the same cemetery. His grave is off limits to avoid fans that come to visit the resting place of the historic music artist. For music enthusiasts who have enjoyed Jim Morrison’s work, this is one of the best places in the world to visit.

4. Parc du Champ de Mars

Drinking in the beauty of the lawns and flower beds of Parc du Champ de Mars will make you feel like your trip to Paris is complete. The light show at dusk is a great time to visit this beautiful place. While you may end up paying a substantial fee to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the view from the top, the view down below could be just as interesting. This park is one of the reasons why Paris is one of the best places to visit in the world.

Explore Paris – One of the best places to visit in the world

5. Basilique du Sacré Coeur

The massive white church is adorned with gold mosaics and towering stained-glass windows. It is located in the Montmarte district and is one of the best places to visit in Paris. There is no fee for visiting the basilica. If you wish to explore the crypt or you would like to ascend to the dome then you would end up paying a fee.

6. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Chances are that you wouldn’t have heard about Paris’ steepest park. Tourism is so concentrated in the centre of the capital city of France that very few tourists explore beyond the Eiffel Tower. The park is a feast for the senses with rocky reliefs and a spectacular waterfall. It is a paradise for bird-watchers who find numerous species of birds in this park.

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