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The One Year Anniversary, Making Your House A Home

If you’ve decided to stay home to celebrate here are a few ways to ensure a peaceful, relaxing time with your beloved.

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1. Turn off your electronic devices. Leave the computer off and turn the phone on silent and put it in the underwear drawer. Take time to talk without distractions and you’re sure to fan the flames of love.

2. Make your favorite adult beverages together. Just be sure to stay within the federal laws on quantity created. Don’t forget to be sure to borrow all the necessary equipment to make your drinks ahead of time so you can enjoy time together. After all, spending time together was the whole point wasn’t it?

3. Learn exciting new facts about your lover. Use a questionnaire about love and ask each other questions. Be careful to not allow jealousy to arise, you are supposed to be having fun not picking a fight.

4. Declare a bed only day! Whether you play sick or find other reasons to stay in bed relax together and enjoy each others presence.

Source: nicoleashley via Instagram

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5. Turn on YouTube and learn to dance. Whether its “Dirty Dancing” or line dancing. There are plenty of how to step-by-step videos to instruct you and your partner.

6. Time to pull out the music! Make a list of your favorite songs and play them. Don’t forget to throw love songs in as well!

7. Dessert time! Special occasions call for special treats. Champagne and chocolate sweets make a special day super sweet.

8. Write a love letter or a love song. This makes her heart melt!

9. Fondue for you and you!!!! Cheese and wine anyone? Typically these two go together with cold cheese but oh the fun you can have with melted cheese and melted chocolate too!

10. Bring the destination to your place by decorating. Transform your home into an exotic or romantic vacation spot.

Next, we will explore some romantic date ideas away from the comforts of home.

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