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Long Nude Stiletto Shaped Nails

Source: nathcohen via Instagram

Long Nude Stiletto Shaped Nails #stilettonails #longnails

If you’re looking for a daring and outrageous design, then these nude stiletto nails are just what you’re looking for. This design pops due to the glitter nails on the first and third finger which breaks up the monotony of the design. These cat-like claws can be done in practically any shade that you prefer but appear more realistic when done in a variety of pink shades.

Nude Nails Design For A Coffin Shape

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Nude Nails Design For A Coffin Shape #coffinnails #mattenails

If you are looking for a different type of a design, then you should consider these nude coffin nails. The description of these nails comes from the shape of these nails being similar to an old style coffin. These matte nails are in a gorgeous shade that will go well with most outfits. The rhinestones are placed into a floral design.

Nude Almond Nails Design

Source: kastalia_nails_studio via Instagram

Nude Almond Nails Design #almondnails #stripednaildesign

These pink nails have a gorgeous nude nail design one should consider. There are additional designs such as the half moon nails that are beautiful embellishments to almost any nail design you can come up with. The almond shape of these nails works for most daily activities.

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