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Beautiful Nude Nails With An Accent Design

Source: burlesque_school via Instagram

Beautiful Nude Nails With An Accent Design #mattenails #patternednails

Here we have a beautiful example of nude acrylic nails. The shape of these nails is almond which allows them to be easily maneuverable to allow you to continue with your daily activities and tasks as normally. Adding accent designs can be done to various nails and in various ways. This example has matte nail designs added to the thumb and fourth finger on the hand to spice up what could easily be a boring nail design.

Matte Nails Design With Marble Art

Source: ana0m via Instagram

Nude Nails With Marble Art #marbleart #silverstripes

If you have become tired of the nude matte nails design, then you have other options to pursue. These marble nails are one of many options. You may be asking yourself why we used the word beige to describe this shade. It is due to the matte color and the pastel shade of this tone that appears to be almost a shade of white. The addition of a rhinestone to the saecond and fourth fingers brings flash to the design.

These square nails are preferred by women who have an active lifestyle and do not want to have an encumbering style of nails.

Pink Nude Square Shaped Nails

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Pink Nude Square Shaped Nails #pinknails #glitteraccent

As previously stated, square nails are popular among women who have a more active lifestyle. These pink nude nails are a beautiful addition to your style. The nail art on the fourth and fifth finger adds a new dimension to this design. What could typically be a rather dull yet still attractive nail design goes to a new level with the addition of a couple of well-placed accents. This design also gets points for incorporating rhinestones.

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