Things to Do in New York Without Spending a Cent

Explore the New York – One of the Best Places in the World to Visit – Without Spending a Cent

New York has something to offer to everyone. This is not just the sales slogan of some company trying to get you to buy tickets for New York. This is a fact. A budgeted tourist at New York will be able to have just as much fun as those who have an eye for luxury. Many sites in New York have an admission fee. If you are carrying a light purse and would like to explore the city without digging into your pockets then we have a list of spots which are free. These are some of the best places in the world to visit for free.


1. Central Park

We think that it is one of the best places to visit in the world because the fabulous Central Park is more than just a park. It is the most distinguishable site of New York. A visit to this iconic park will give you the chance to figure why the park holds so much importance to New York. You will also be able to enjoy some free events that are usually going on in the park. Some of the statues at the park are amazing as well. Strawberry Fields is another site in the park dedicated to John Lennon which you would love to visit. The south-eastern corner of the park has ‘The Pond’ which is a scenic place to visit. The park alone has so much to offer. It is definitely one of the most visited places in New York making it one of the best places in the world to visit.


2. Brooklyn Brewery Tours

If a budget travel is what you opt for, you can visit the Williamsburg Brooklyn Brewery as it offers free tours to visitors between 1pm to 5pm on Saturdays and 1pm to 4pm on Sundays. It is located at 79N 11th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Immerse yourself in the craft of producing spirits that are enjoyed worldwide. If you are curious about how your drink is created, the Brooklyn Brewery is an awesome place to begin. The best thing is, the visits are free of charge.

3. Chelsea Galleries

Chelsea has a huge number of galleries. You can step into any of these galleries and enjoy the beauty of art without being pressurized to purchase something. If art is your thing, then these galleries are worthy of a visit. You will find yourself immersed in these awe-inspiring galleries and that too at no cost. The galleries have no admission fee and do not limit those who may be visiting them just to enjoy art and not to buy it.


4. Governor’s Island

Take a ferry to Governor’s Island. There is no charge for the ferry or for admission into the island. The 172 acre island has a picnic area and military sites like the Admiral’s House as well as a ghost town situated in Nolan Park. The site opened to public in 2003. Visitors can enjoy the sites of the island without any restrictions. The ferries leave from Battery Maritime Building.

5. Green-Wood Cemetery

The Green-Wood Cemetery is the burial grounds for over 600,000 people. It was founded in 1838 and has been a tourist attraction for a very long time. A seven foot towering statue of Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom marks a site from the Revolutionary War. This cemetery has more stories to tell than any other place. The atmospheric coolness of the cemetery defines its haunting history.


6. High Line

High Line is a park, and parks have no admission fees. The park has been created on a disused railroad track. The spectacular views of the Hudson River are reason enough to visit this scenic place. The park connects the Meatpacking district with Chelsea’s Galleries and to the Javits Center which lies on the south of Hell’s Kitchen.

7. The New York Public Library

New York’s most famous library and probably one of the best in the world, turned a century old in 2011. The entrance of the library is adorned by two marble lions named Patience and Fortitude. Simply walking past these iconic structures is an experience of a lifetime. Inside the library, the reading room can fit 500 patrons. If you are not a reader, then you may enjoy some of the exhibits which include the original Declaration of Independence, the fabulous Guttenberg Bible and 431,000 old maps. The free tours for all are at 11am and 2pm Monday to Saturday.

8. Rockefeller Center Public Art

The 22 acre Rockefeller Center is known for its massive Christmas tree in December. But at all other times you can enjoy the artistic statues at the center. If you have an eye for art then visiting this center is bound to inspire you. The best part is that there is no admission fee. You will find this to be one of the best places in the world to visit for free.


9. Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is probably the best free trips that you can get. It is one of the greatest attractions on the Eastern Seaboard. The ferry carries approximately 19 million people every year. While the ferry is technically a mode of transportation between Staten Island and Manhattan, many people take the ferry to reach New York – one of the best places to visit in the world.

10. Old Stone House

Located at Fifth Avenue, between 3rd and 4th street, Park Slope, Brooklyn; the Old Stone House is a Breuckelen legacy which reminds visitors of Brooklyn’s Dutch origins. It is a survivor from the unfortunate Battle of Brooklyn. The Old Stone House exhibits bits of the battle. There is a suggested donation of $3 for those who enter, but there is no pressure to pay it if you do not want to.

So, make your plan to travel New York and visit these places.