List of the Most Friendly Cities in Europe

At this point, the Euro is almost equivalent to the US dollar. How does that affect you? Traveling to Europe is now easier than ever before. So without wasting time in predicting how long this will last, pack your bags and tour the cities of Europe. To help you plan a great vacation spot for your family, we have weighed some factors like affordable lodging options and family-friendly attractions to come up with a list of the most friendly cities in Europe when you are traveling with your family.



Sicily can offer you the best family vacations. Poets from Homer to Virgil have sung about Sicily’s beauty. The eternal meeting point between Africa and Europe, the East and West, Sicily is one of the most alluring destinations in Europe. The restless sea and the towering mountains offer a perfect backdrop to this beautiful island. For a dose of history, visit the ancient temples that date back to the 5th century. The island is bursting with its classical heritage. The later artistic and architectural works are very stunning as well. As you take a walk around Palermo, you will find some great architectural buildings.

What we love about Sicily

The exciting volcano of Etna offers a great hiking trip while the beaches are surely a hit among the children. For the historically inclined, Sicily will not disappoint you and the food is just as exotic. The fusion of modern life in the historic architecture of the city gives it a special touch. We love the perfect blend of new and old and the amazing sites it offers for those who are traveling with family.



Being one of the most beautiful European cities, the city of Seville is one that offers picturesque sights with dynamic moods and a rich culture. Families will find this to be a great city with some amazing places to discover the rich cultural heritage of the city. Tour the Real Alcazar palace and drench in the royalty. Explore the city on foot and amaze yourself in the sites of the city. You can also go sight-seeing around Seville on one of the Hop On Hop Off buses.

What we love about Seville

The modern twists in the ethnic aura of the city lend an outstanding feeling to the city. This is a city with personality. It boasts of a history that will leave you mystified. The immense cathedral at Seville is one of the largest in the world. It has some amazing places to dine and some of the best places to stay are Barrio de Santa Cruz, El Arenal and El Centro.


With a history that can never be erased, Berlin is a city that was once headquartered by the Nazis and was torn into two before it was reunited. Walk along the remnants of the Berlin Wall and amaze yourself in the splendour of the Prussian Palace.

Berlin is a city that never sleeps, tour the city with your kids in the day and spend some special time with your partner by exploring the city in the night.

What we love about Berlin

We love the kinder-cafes at Berlin which are great for families with small kids. You have kid-friendly menus and there are play areas for the kids to enjoy themselves while they wait for the food to come. The vibrant lifestyle of the city with its sky bars and chic restaurants makes it one of the most friendly cities in Europe.



Spread across 15 islands and connected by 57 bridges, Stockholm is one of Europe’s most arresting places when you are planning a vacation with your family. The paved streets of Gamla Stan will give you the chance to explore the past of Stockholm. Your kids will find the world’s oldest museum (open-air) to be a lot of fun. It is great for shopping and Stockholm boasts of some great restaurants which come up with inventive cuisines.

What we love about Stockholm

The old architecture of the Stockholm perfectly blends into the modern city. Surrounded by pristine forests and a vast archipelago, Stockholm is loved by people of all ages. The Stockholm card is a one-time investment which allows you to access over 75 attractions without additional fees and lets you use the public transport without any limitations.


The lively city of Madrid is known for its love for art. The city’s world class galleries proudly display some of the best works of famous artists like Goya, Velazquez, Picasso and Dali. Take your family to Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and Museo Thyssen Bornemisza. They are the best art galleries in the city. Eating in Madrid is another pleasure. The city has lately evolved into one of the richest culinary capitals in Europe. The city is just as stunning in the night as it is in the day. Step out into the city in the night and have some great time at the cocktail bars and nightclubs.

What we love about Madrid

Madrid is one of the most passionate cities in Europe. The architectural history of the city is glorious and it provides a beautiful backdrop to Madrid. The food at the city is amazing and the night life should definitely be explored. Madrid is definitely one of the most friendly cities in Europe, especially if you are traveling with your family.



If you are going to explore Prague with your family, then your kids are bound to enjoy its fairy tale setting and you will love the affordability of the city. Weird and witty sculptures dot the entire city. Prague has some great at galleries and the city’s love for art is seen in the artistic architecture throughout Prague. Explore the Prague Castle and admire the Prague Astronomical Clock in the Old Town. You should also take your kids to the top of the Petrin Lookout Tower for a bird’s eye view of the city.

What we love about Prague

In a city that offers so much, there is hardly much that we cannot love. The city offers great sights to visit and you will love the old-fashioned bars in the city. The beer has a heavenly taste and is considered one of the best in the world. The city has become a magnet for tourists and you will find many others vacationing at the Prague as you go around the city.

These are Europe most friendly cities to visit in 2016. If you are planning for a trip to Europe then explore these cities and you will find your holiday to be one of the most memorable ones. And if you are staying in the U.S., learn what to do in San Francisco and Los Angeles and have a great time!