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List of the Most Friendly Cities in Europe

At this point, the Euro is almost equivalent to the US dollar. How does that affect you? Traveling to Europe is now easier than ever before. So without wasting time in predicting how long this will last, pack your bags and tour the cities of Europe. To help you plan a great vacation spot for your family, we have weighed some factors like affordable lodging options and family-friendly attractions to come up with a list of the most friendly cities in Europe when you are traveling with your family.

6 Most Friendly Cities in Europe


Sicily can offer you the best family vacations. Poets from Homer to Virgil have sung about Sicily’s beauty. The eternal meeting point between Africa and Europe, the East and West, Sicily is one of the most alluring destinations in Europe. The restless sea and the towering mountains offer a perfect backdrop to this beautiful island. For a dose of history, visit the ancient temples that date back to the 5th century. The island is bursting with its classical heritage. The later artistic and architectural works are very stunning as well. As you take a walk around Palermo, you will find some great architectural buildings.

6 Most Friendly Cities in Europe

What we love about Sicily

The exciting volcano of Etna offers a great hiking trip while the beaches are surely a hit among the children. For the historically inclined, Sicily will not disappoint you and the food is just as exotic. The fusion of modern life in the historic architecture of the city gives it a special touch. We love the perfect blend of new and old and the amazing sites it offers for those who are traveling with family.

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