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Names of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the US

There are a lot of exciting destinations to choose from the United States however one may not be totally excited about visiting all of the states and there are some really dangerous cities across it. So before you make a travel plan, make sure you know the most dangerous cities in the US so that you avoid them for your own safety and security. Many cities are filled with crime, poverty and other types of traffic dangers and they have earned a bad reputation over the time. So you should always travel with caution and make sure you have the correct information.

1. Detroit, Michigan

This city is the number one most dangerous city in America. And if you are going as a tourist to the states, then make sure you steer clear of this city. It was formally known as the Motor City because of the high crime rates this place has and it has huge abandoned buildings. This place was initially the center point for American automobile industry but it met with influx of crime, poverty and the residents left the city during the period of 2008 to 2010. However now the city is going under developments and getting a new life.

Names of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the US

2. St. Louis, Missouri

This city has the highest homicide rates amongst all the American cities. St. Louis is also become a place for violent crimes and it occurs at the rate of 1 in 53 and property crimes at the rate of 1 in 10. Most of the crimes are blooming in the city because of the residents leaving the city. As many as 318069 residents have left the city for other bigger and better cities. However now the St. Louis city is gathering commercial interest and may get renovated to a new city.

3. Cleveland, Ohio

The city of Cleveland is named as one of the most miserable cities in the US and this makes it one of the most dangerous city in America. It is also known by the name of Mistake by the Lake. The city is plagued by high crime rates, unexpected and brutally harsh winters and it suffered mass exodus of residents with more than 71000 people migrations. Although this place is one of the poorest cities in the US, it still is culturally diverse and offers some great cultural attractions.

Names of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the US

4. Reno, Nevada

This city is the victim of huge unemployment and violent crime issues. It just has a mere population of 227509 despite of all the lights, luck and glamour which promised to attract tourists but failed. The housing prices of the city have dropped, public services had a drastic cut and there was large amount of layoff which makes it one of the most dangerous cities in the US. So it’s better to steer clear of this city.

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