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Minimalist Tattoo Style To Emphasize Your Femininity

Minimalist tattoo designs have been popular like forever. In its essence, minimalism is ‘less is more.’ Tattoo designs in a minimalist style are clean, timeless, and crisp. Such designs often feature geometric shapes, dot work, graphic lines.

To achieve a clear image, a tattoo artist who works in a minimalist style would prefer a single needle machine over multiple needles. A single needle machine is more effective for rendering the design that is ultra-delicate. As a result, the image on the skin is reminiscent of a monochromatic pencil sketch. But it doesn’t mean that minimalist designs are always dainty. There are also many tattoo artists who use single, clean lines to get abstract, graphic shapes and thus make a statement.

Source: frappeink via Instagram, studiobysol via Instagram, frappeink via Instagram

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