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25. Bob With Highlights

Bob With Highlights

Highlights add extra volume to the classical bob. It’s perfect for women with different types of hair and different color shades. Such hairstyle will always be in trend.

Source: _Colourgoddess via Instagram

26. Outgrown Bob

Outgrown Bob

This style adds quite a deal of volume with loose and extra large waves. It’s an effortless, yet modern, style, with its long bangs, sunkissed color and shaggy ends.

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram

27. Straight Layered Haircut

Straight Layered Haircut

If you like having slightly longer hair, this style is perfect for you. The hair falls naturally over the shoulders creating the effect of outgrown bob. This hairstyle can be worn either loose or put into an updo leaving the room for variations.

Source: ShopStyle via Pinterest

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