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6. Use Oil or a Mask Treatment Every Week

We have already established the fact that long hair does not grow overnight. So, hair that touches your shoulders has taken years to grow as long as that. This means that it needs to be taken care of to ensure that your hair stays healthy. Hair masks and oil treatments are very helpful to keep your hair nourished so that it can grow. It is one of the best answers to how to make your hair grow faster. 

10 Tips on How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

7. Hair Boosting Supplements

Your diet plays an important role in the health of your hair. Your body requires a lot of nutrients for the growth of hair. If you are not eating a nutritious diet, your hair may suffer from it just as much as your health does. The use of supplements can help boost your hair growth. If you feel that your diet does not fulfill your body’s nutritional needs, then add supplements to your diet. Consult an expert before starting hair supplements to ensure that you do not have any reactions. Additionally, hair experts will be able to tell you the right amount of supplement required.

8. Check Your Pillowcase

Your pillowcase can detangle your hair if it causes a lot of friction with your hair. So, use a fabric that has a softer surface. This will lead to fewer tangles when you wake up. Cotton pillow cases are usually tougher to the hair. Switch to satin pillowcases and you will notice fewer tangles. Reduced hair fall strengthens your hair and augments hair growth.

9. Don’t Wrap Your Hair in Big Towels

Over-sized, super-soft towels are not your hair’s best friend. Avoid them at all costs. Your hair gets damaged as you wrap it around your huge towel. The damage is caused by the woven fibres that tangle your hair and lead to breakage. Try using thin, soft-microfiber towels. They cause less damage and can be wrapped around your head into a turban. 

10 Tips on How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

10. End Your Shower With a Cold-Water Rinse

Cold water prevents the loss of moisture and heat damage to your hair. It makes sure that your hair grows faster and stays healthy. A cold water rinse will take just a few seconds and it ensures better health for your hair. Try this step and you will notice a huge difference if you are not sure how to make your hair grow faster.

Your way to growing hair faster will be a lot easier if you keep these tips in mind. Additionally, you will also be able to keep your hair healthy by following these tips. Shampoo and conditioners are not the only way to strengthen your hair. Your diet, the supplements you take and oiling have a beneficial effect on your hair, as well.

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