Long distance relationship gifts are truly necessary. Don`t you agree? When there`s so much time without seeing each other, it is sometimes difficult to have optimistic thinking. Sending lovely gifts is great as you remind your partner that no matter the distance, you are there for him or her and your love is strong enough. Do you need some inspiration for the gift ideas? We are here to help you with that. Let`s impress your loved one together.


A Personalized Love Book Gift Idea

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Long distance love is not as easy as it seems. People who have ever been in such a relationship will totally agree. Missing your partner can make you go nuts, making you feel like a wreck. What helps in such situations? Things that we associate with the person we are in love with, the ones that have a background story or little gifts we bring each other. That is why we believe presenting a personalized love book with your story will be one of the best ideas. Romantic and cute, it will definitely remind your loved one of how strong your feelings for each other are.


A Personalized Alphabet Love Note Book

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Sometimes small things hold the most significance in a long distance relationship. Tickets from the places you have been together, wraps from candies you have shared or little notes that you have left for each other. So, why don`t you use this as your gift inspiration? A personalized alphabet notebook that will be the cutest for leaving a love note every now and then. Isn`t that a cute idea?

A Heart Book Box

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What can be a better gift than the one that reminds your lover of your strong feelings? Even a thing that he or she will use every day can have a little reminder in it. What about such a heart book box for keeping little things such as jewelry? Trust us, it will definitely bring a smile to the face of your partner.


A Relaxation Candle Gift Idea

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A small piece of décor can not only bring delight by its presence, it can also have significance. Give it to your loved one and he or she will associate it with you for sure. For example, choose a candle that will smell good and will bring relaxation to your partner. Such a detail will make them think of you every time they lit it up.

A Keychain Gift Idea

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Among other long distance relationship gifts, this one truly stands out. A keychain is a great idea, as it will be seen every day when your loved one is leaving the apartment. Such a small piece will remind of you for sure, especially if you place something really significant for both of you on it. Engrave a phrase you always say to each other or make it special in any other way.


A Personalized Heart Map

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Would you like to give your partner some long distance relationship gifts that will show him or her that no matter the distance your feelings are the strongest? We have one suggestion that you can even create yourself, as it is super easy. Cut out the map with places where you both live in two pieces of a heart and join them in one. Truly romantic and special, isn`t it?

A Personalized Mug Gift Idea

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We believe that daily things we use the most are the best presents, as they will be a great reminder of you for the person you give it to. Think of getting a mug for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but not a simple one. Add a personalized detail that will make it special. Paint the map matching the places where you live or write a simple phrase that you would like your love to see every day.

A Long Distance Pillow Gift Idea

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A soft cute present that will be with your love at the coldest nights. Print an image that will remind of you and a perfect present is ready. We bet your he or she will love it!



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No presence of your partner is the worst in a long distance relationship. You miss the person`s touch and kisses, of course. What if we found the way for you to feel closer to each other? Install a kissenger app and you will be able to send realistic kisses from your partner that he will be able to feel. Try it and you will love it for sure!

A LED Infinity Love Art Long Distance Gift Idea

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Another piece of design suggestion we have is a LED infinity love art to put on a wall. Such a stylish thing will not only look great and innovative but will also carry a significant meaning. Send a symbol of your love to your honey.

The Chatlight Device

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Are you looking for long distance relationship gifts tech? Then we have a great idea. A lot of couples talk in the evening when the lights are off and it`s dark outside. Still, every partner would want to see the face of his or her love. Here comes a chatlight device that can be put on any gadget you have to light up the face of your boyfriend or girlfriend.


A Voice Box Message

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The voices of our loved people always make us feel better. So, why don`t you use this for your gift idea? In long distance relationships, such a present would be great. Record your voice message to this box and send it to your partner so that he or she will be able to listen to it any time they want.

A LED Lamp Gift Idea

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DIY long distance relationship gifts are so meaningful. What a cute present it will be if you carve some words on a wooden box and light it up from the inside. Looks great and has a meaning. It will become a great piece of décor that will also be a symbol of your love.

A Personalized Love Box

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Are you planning a surprise for your boyfriend and looking for some long distance relationship gifts? Collect a whole box of his favorite things and decorate it with romantic phrases and images. Don`t forget to include a photo of you that will definitely become his favorite thing in the apartment.


A Fun Card Box Gift Idea

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Do you consider yourself to be super creative? Then we have a cool gift suggestion for you. Make small love notes or cards that will say something cute and romantic. Decorate them and make them look special so that your boyfriend or girlfriend feels special, too.

Photo Cards Heart

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There are such great long distance relationship gifts diy ideas. Are you interested? Then let`s make this together. Create a fun, great-looking heart of photos that will remind of the great memories you have shared together. Truly romantic and lovely-looking, made with the help of your love.

Custom Map Necklaces

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One of the prettiest couples gifts is a map necklace. Don`t you think? Include a piece of the map with a cut out of the place where you live and send it to your love. Leave yourself the same one with their location and wear it to remind yourself of his or her love daily.


A Sterling & Leather Bracelet

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Do you want to pick the present that will have the meaning that only the two of you will understand? Then choose this sterling and leather bracelet for both of you. Carve your coordinates on the steal and it will be something no one except you two understand.

Map Earrings Gift Idea

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If you wish to kill two birds with one stone, then we suggest you pay attention to these map earrings. The fact is that such a gift will be not only unique but also quite thematic due to many reasons. All you need to do is to pick your best reason!

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Of course, if you want to make a present for your boyfriend, the earrings are not the best idea. However, you can use the same theme, yet transform the earrings into cufflinks. As simple as that!


Map And Heart Bracelet Gift Idea

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The times when a map present is not enough, you need to think of your love. What we have in mind is that a bracelet with a map and a heart on it will melt the heart of any lady in love!

First Date Wood Gift Idea

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It is never a waste to remind your loved one about the first time you met or the first date you had. That is why such a wood gift idea will be a gentle reminder as well as a lovely interior addition.

Wood Quotes Gift Idea

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If you have a nice quote in mind that you wish to share it with the person you love however you are not feeling strong enough to speak it up – make a wood quote gift with the saying on it!


Wood Photo Gift Idea

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Pictures, where you are together, are priceless. However, when a regular framed photo is too obvious – it is time to depict it on a piece of wood!

FAQ: Long Distance Relationship Gifts

What kills long distance relationships?

  • There is a communication gap.
  • Making no time for your partner.
  • Fights that haven’t been resolved.
  • Visits are few and far between.
  • Not even attempting.

How do I spoil my boyfriend in a long distance relationship?

  • Surprise him/her by paying him/her a visit.
  • Always be thinking about your future visit.
  • Make a point of laughing together.
  • Sending good morning text messages is a great way to start the day.
  • Send photos of your day via text message.
  • Pay attention when you’re on the phone.
  • Sending a care box is a great way to show you care.
  • Make plans for date nights.

How often should LDR couples talk?

Basically, you should communicate with your partner as frequently as you would if they lived nearby. Make communication practices that are beneficial to both you and your relationship. It is vital for certain couples to have an ongoing dialogue throughout the day, but checking in once a day is plenty for others.