These days all possible herbal treatments are gaining fresh popularity. People use Nag Champa or other herbs to help their problems with health. We can’t say that it is a bad thing since everything suggested by mother nature is almost always better than anything human-made. That is why today we are going to talk about a plant named lobelia. Surely, you may have already heard about it or at least have seen it once in your life. Apart from the fact that the flower itself is very beautiful, it possesses a range of health benefits that may come of use to many of you. Read on to learn more about this herb!


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What You Should Know About Lobelia?

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To begin with we need to figure out where does lobelia flower come from. The fact is that the eastern USA and Canada are the best regions to spot this plant. In case you wonder how it looks, there are few types of it distinguished by color. You can see blue lobelia, purple lobelia, pink lobelia, white lobelia and even the mixture of all the mentioned above hues in one flower. There is another name of this flower as well, so that once you hear either version you do not get confused – Indian tobacco is the second name of lobelia. It should be mentioned that Native Americans used the plants for a long time in their medicine since the plant possesses powerful health-improving properties.

When it comes to the properties of the flower, it needs to be pointed out that the same herb can treat anything concerning spasms, asthma and even relaxation. The truth is that if you need a stimulant then you need a small portion of the herb to consume, but if you want to relax then a larger dose should be used.

While, long time ago, people used the dried herb to improve their health these days you can find anything on the scale from lobelia tea to lobelia capsules and extracts. Read on to learn about the main uses of lobelia in the next chapter.


Main Uses Of Lobelia Herb

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As it has been already mentioned lobelia herb has been used for a long time by aboriginal tribes and it remains in use up to these days. That is why it is essential that we point out the main uses of this plant for you to be aware of:

Respiratory issues

Many herbalists recommend using lobelia when you face such respiratory problems as bronchitis, whooping cough, asthma and pneumonia. How does it work? The fact is that it has the ability to cleanse the respiratory tract as well as the lungs.


Not everyone knows that the consumption of lobelia can help you to induce vomiting. The truth is that when you have food poisoning it is important that you get rid of the toxins in the first place. That is when this herb is irreplaceable.

Muscle pain

The research proves that this plant is as effective when it comes to muscle pain alleviation.

Drug addiction

This fact hasn’t been scientifically approved yet but some claim that lobelia can help people deal with drug addiction. The thing is that lobelia supplements have been widely used when it comes to nicotine addiction treatments.

Blood flow

The study proves that consumption of lobelia can affect the blood flow in a good way. This means that while it improves the blood flow it eases the muscles and can relieve you of muscle and menstrual cramps.


Last but not least, it needs to be mentioned that apart from being extremely useful, lobelia is gorgeous to look at. That is why many people choose to plant it in their gardens and yards. Taking into the consideration that the plant is perennial it makes it even more attractive for all the plant-lovers.

Benefits Of Lobelia Herb For Health

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Now, when we know something more about the possible uses of lobelia plant it is important that we figure out which benefits it possesses. Lobelia benefits are:

Respiratory stimulant

The fact is that when you have respiratory spasms it becomes difficult to breathe. Lobelia can make the bronchial tubes relax so that you will get a breathing stimulation.


Those who suffer from pneumonia or bronchitis will find these benefits extremely useful. The thing is that lobelia promotes the mucus excretion. This means that it can trigger coughing reflex and work as perfect and effective expectorants.

Muscle relaxant

If you need something to help your muscles relax or to ease the menstrual or other camps – all you need is a small dose of lobelia.

It needs to be mentioned that recent studies proved that this herb is also helpful when it comes to seizure prevention. This mainly concerns those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.


Contraindications And Possible Side Effects Of Lobelia

After we have discussed all these benefits that lobelia has it seems that it is perfectly safe. However, almost anything in this world has a possible downside and lobelia is clearly not the exception. The thing is that if you overdose on it the results can be pretty dire. Also, some people are simply intolerant to the plant or a list of conditions makes the herb bad for them. Not to mention the fact that lobelia is poisonous for pets. That is why you should better keep your pets away from the plant to avoid any possible danger.

What to pay attention to if you think you overdose on lobelia:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors

If you experience any of the described above symptoms you need to seek medical help immediately:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Coma
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Convulsions

Who should avoid lobelia at all cost:

  • People who suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease: the fact is that consumption of lobelia can affect the blood pressure and increase it. If you already have high blood pressure this can lead to severe consequences.
  • People sensitive to tobacco: the lobeline in lobelia is particularly similar to nicotine, in terms of the effect on the human body. That is why if you are sensitive to nicotine you need to be aware of lobelia as well.
  • People suffering from liver or kidney disease.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.

In case you belong to any of the described categories of people, you need to be cautious about this herb, despite the fact how beneficial it may be to other people.

Lobelia is a powerful and beautiful plant that many of you may be familiar with. The list of its amazing properties is undoubtedly impressive. However, there is also a list of side effects to consider. Luckily, we have gathered all this information for you in one place!

FAQ: Lobelia

Is lobelia a sun or shade plant?

Lobelia is an annual plant that can grow almost anywhere. This plant requires to grow in an area with enough sun and can tolerate only a partial shade. Lobelia prefers rich soil that is watered regularly. You can plant the seeds directly in a garden or plant a sprout.

How do you keep lobelia blooming?

You can keep lobelia blooming by trimming it. Removing spent blossoms just in time encourages this plant to boom. In addition, makes your lobelia look neat. If you have a spiky type one, it is recommended to clip out the stems after the entire spike has faded.