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2. Fuel Your Body

6 Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Living

Stratten Waldt, founder of Bia Women, suggests a list of foods that are good for you throughout the year.


6 Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Living

Beans are another way of adding nutrition to your meals without adding calories. Beans can benefit you by fulfilling most of your body’s nutritional requirements. Beans are high in water content, protein, fiber and many other nutrients.


6 Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Living

Walnuts and Butternuts of the nuts family are rich in Omega-3. Nuts have a lot of nutrients like protein, magnesium, iron, fiber, vitamin E, folic acid and antioxidants. When choosing nuts for your diet, make sure you pick the ones that do not have added salt or sugar.

Studies show that the benefits of walnuts are too many to keep it away from your diet. A handful of walnuts every day can keep you healthy and also avoid many health risks. Weight management is another benefit associated with walnuts.

You must remember though that nuts can be high in calories as well. So incorporate nuts into your everyday meals but avoid snacking over nuts too much or else it may sabotage your fitness goals.

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