Despite the wide variety of porn video sites, including free, Literotica and similar erotic stories archives seem to never lose their popularity. If you have always wanted to know why this is the case, we will shed some light on the matter. You see, we have a completely boundless yet very powerful imagination. When you read sexstories, you are allowed to attribute your personal interpretation to them, thereby giving your kinkiest fantasies a go. Feeling intrigued? Then why don’t you use our guide to immerse into the world of the hottest erotica stories?


Literotica: What Is It?

Before getting to business, it makes sense to identify what Literotica is in the first place. As the name hints, this is a website that provides its users with high-quality written adult content for free. What else makes it so special is the fact that basically any user can contribute to the wealth of the site, as anyone can register as an author there to share their kinky sex fantasies and stories. In addition to free erotic stories, it contains poems, essays as well as Literotica audio podcasts. So that it will not take you much effort to find the desired sex story, the site groups its material by categories. As such, you get hot content on various topics and in a number of different genres, which, by the way, can alternate and even overlap.


Why Do People Read Literotica?

Of course, there are plenty of websites with free sex content. But what makes Literotica stand out in the crowd? Well, the number of reasons is quite sheer actually. First and foremost, it is empowered with our imagination. Thus, the script can cover absolutely anything, from the kinkiest and most perverted fantasies to unrealistic and fictional characters. Besides, you can imagine it as detailed and as close as possible, which not every porn video is capable of. Last but not least, the scene and background setting are totally up to you. As a result, it guarantees complete freedom of action to your imagination.

Funny Mistakes

Of course, it has not been without hilarious fails and mistakes when people are searching for Literotica stories. And we do not judge them. When you can’t wait any longer to indulge in steamy content, there is no time and room for your inner Grammar Nazi. And what is the point if searching engines understand your requests anyway? Want to know what ludicrous mistakes people make? Their most common misspelled searches contain the following: Literotca, Literocia, Literatica, Literot (why end the word when you are in a hurry?) and so on.


The Best Free Sex Stories Sites To Read

Say you want to savor free sex stories, where do you go? To steer you in the right direction, we have gathered the best erotic sex stories websites that you will be able to enjoy free of charge. is an undisputed leader of erotic storytelling. You can't call yourself a real fan of the genre if you do not know and love this site. Not only does it feature every erotic audio and story your bonkers mind can only imagine but it also has them divided into categories for your convenience. While the design looks slightly outdated, it does not affect the quality of content in any way.


Sugar Butch Chronicles

The author of Sugar Butch Chronicles knows what they are writing about firsthand. Being a feminist who is non-binary, Sinclair Sexsmith covers in their eroticstories all kinds of body types, orientation and genders. Furthermore, be ready to come across the aspects of culture, sexuality and identity.

literotica Site: Erotic Review

You can rest assured that Erotic Review Magazine delivers fresh out of the oven, top-notch content, as it has every member of the editorial team to plug away at it. What makes their approach innovative is that they want sex to have a good name, thus referring to the brain as the main erotic organ. Hence, when reading their erotic short stories, you can rest assured that all your senses will be activated.

Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl  website accommodates literotic stories published by the same-titled author. What all the sex stories have in common is that you can trace BDSM features in every one of them. If you expect to find there supernatural or forbidden topics, then you have come to the right place. The site has plenty of them. Still, it does not mean that you would not be able to enjoy light literotics here. Some stories do not have anything spicier than a kiss.



You can never go wrong with a combo of adult erotic stories for women and sex toys. Obviously, this is what the author of  Libida erotic site had in mind when starting it. However, it is not simply about sex and erotic stories. It touches on such topics as oral intercourse, intimate products, kinky relationship as well as sexual wellness of women in general.

True Dirty Stories

While you should never underestimate the power of your imagination, hardly anything can be more arousing than reality. Moreover, even the most ingenious mind is sometimes unable to imagine what the real life presents to us with ease. To get access to the queerest of them, feel free to browse through the True Dirty Stories, where users share their unconventional sexual experience. As a bonus, you are offered to submit a sex story yourself.

Literotica Site: Nifty

If one does not identify themself as LGBTQ, it does not mean they would not enjoy Nifty fully. The sex stories will turn you on no matter what sexual orientation you have. Besides, it features adultfanfiction stories, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Xena: Warrior Princess, as well as BDSM tales. For ease of use, the material of the site is divided into four categories, namely lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.



Even though Noveltrove Noveltrove will not provide you with particularly hardcore sex stories, it still has its army of fans. The site contains majorly soft and light erotic stories without any kinks or fetishes. So, if you get off on BDSM or something taboo, then it might be not the best option for you.


Lushstories is not only about reading steamy stories but it also about the interaction between like-minded people. Thus, if you are looking for both hot content and someone to discuss it with in chat rooms, then it is hard to think of a better option for you. Besides, you will have plenty of topics to talk about, as Lush Stories contains more than fifty categories of erotic tales, varying from BDSM and anal to celebrity fanfiction and classic erotica.


It is not hard to guess that the main focus of BDSMCafe is, of course, s/m and b/d. The design of the site is perfectly tailored, which will provide you with an even more pleasant experience. The site is a huge database for complete BDSM books, large slices of erotic fictional prose, short tales and poems.

Furthermore, it gives you much insight into d/s relationship should you be considering one. Finally, it allows you to get in touch with other members of the community, thus opening you the whole new world of entertainment.



Being a constant visitor of SoloTouch means that you will learn everything about solitary sex, from advanced masturbation techniques to an unprecedented flight of imagination. At the moment, the site is comprised of several thousand free exotic stories, grouped in 9 main categories, which, in turn, divided into subcategories.


As it has the word library in its name, BDSMLibrary is not only a collection of queer stories. It is much bigger than that. The site has a plethora of useful info related to BDSM. It also covers s/m lifestyle as well as helpful tips on the dom&sub or dynamic relationship development. Of course, you can expect to find hot stories on the topic there too, including those that feature whips, leathers, chains as well as PVC garments and other kinks. In addition, you are offered mind-blowing snaps made by other users as well as their handicraft porn clips.


Although Literotica stories are considered one of the best in the niche, they have quite a few competitors, with JuicySexStories being the closest. This erotic website offers you a myriad of queer, steamy and, obviously, juicy sex tales without registration. But if you would like to chat with other members of the community and be eligible for all website sections, then it may be a good idea to sign up for the membership. What else makes JuicySexStories unique is that it allows you to download eBooks and long tales to the laptop, tablet or even cell phone.


Literotica Site: FictionMania

Do you get aroused by cross-dressing, ladyboys, transvestites, transsexuals and shemales no matter what size or shape they are? Then FictionMania has some really hot content for you. It holds the title of the best and biggest storage of TV/TS fiction tales. Despite having an old-school design, the content is not any less dirty, horny or naughty.


CHYOA will get you involved in every story like no other, as the ending is up to you. So, you become fully absorbed into it, creating a kinky twist and perfecting the culmination. Therefore, you get satisfactory sensations from not only reading an erotic story but also creating it.

Literotica Site: Adult Fanfiction

Want to dive into really exclusive, top-notch porn stories with great many details? Then Adult Fanfiction should be your erotic website of choice. With its simple yet sleek design, the process of reading will become a real pleasure. Not hard to tell from the name that the site is devoted to fanfiction sex tales about famous and made-up characters.


Adult Erotica Stories

The design of the Adult Erotica Stories website is the first thing that will make you want to stay longer. The second thing is the stories themselves. They are spicy, horny and original, which guarantees you a really fun and enjoyable pastime. Also, you will not be annoyed or distracted by adds, so you can fully get absorbed in the story.


Apparently, it is not the name that attracts visitors to the ASSTR site, which you can decipher as the Alternative Sex Stories Text Repository, but the content. The stories it features are hot, versatile and intense. Besides, they are ranked so that it will not take you much time to find the best of the best.


While being relatively new to the niche, Erotica Tale already has a bunch of categorized worthwhile stories, which is increasing every day, and hot snaps. Apart from regular categories, there are also taboo and fanfiction stories. In addition to spicy content, the site has an eye-pleasing and user-friendly design.


literotica Site: Xnxx Stories

Considering yourself a true connoisseur of porn? Impossible without knowing what Xnxx is. Not only that, but you should also be familiar with Xnxx Stories, as this is their affiliated site. The story behind these two erotic content websites is that initially, there only was Xnxx, which is a porn video site. Some time later, inspired by the success of their video site, Xnxx creators decide to launch a similar site but with sex stories. No wonder that it also enjoys popularity.

FAQ: Literotica

When did erotic literature originate?

First example of erotic literature was found in Istanbul, dating back to 3rd century ad, it was an erotic poem. The best-known example is perhaps the Kama-sutra, which dates back to 5th century ad. As for internet erotic fiction, it appeared even before the World Wide Web and was distributed among forums in Usenet.

What are erotic fiction bestsellers?

Erotica is mostly published on the Internet because it preserves anonymity and provides a vast platform for sharing. It is written by amateurs for the enjoyment rather than for profit. However, there are some bestsellers that made the world population spent hours immersed in a book mesmerized like Bared to You by Sylvia Day, Claimed by Elle Kennedy, Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane.