Learn About Some Foods That Are The Causes of Cancer and Stay Safe

The terrific impact of cancer is known to all. This is a very serious disease that pisses off the patients mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It ruins everything by leaving life too hard. No one should be affected by this horrible disease. So, why not take some prevention beforehand by making it hard for the disease to reach around you. There are varieties causes of cancer and some foods especially snacks are one of the strongest reasons of this disease.


So, what causes cancer? First of all, food dye, which is produced with petroleum. Petroleum mined from earth is mainly used to produce motor oil and gasoline but this yellow liquid is also used in many food products after refining it well. And the worst thing is that all these food products are mainly targeted towards the children. Petroleum based products are used to prepare food dye such as Red dye 40, yellow dye 5 and yellow dye 6. All these dyes make the snacks more attractive through their bright colors and flavors thus children get naturally addicted to these snacks.

Products that contain dyes are not among the healthiest foods to eat. Dyes pose high risk for several diseases such as cancer, asthma, diabetes, birth defects, organ damage and more. So, it is better to avoid all those foods that are the main causes of cancer. Here are the 6 dangerous foods that should be avoided for good reasons.

Fruit snacks

Normally you will think fruit snacks are a healthy food as it contains several high protein and nutritious foods. But in actual the food snacks are made appealing using various food colors and flavors that ruin the nutrition and make it dangerous for health. Red 3 is one of the most commonly used food dye in fruit snacks that gives rise to thyroid tumors. This is the reason this dye is being banned from the cosmetic products.

So, make a habit of feeding your kid the natural fruits and not the snacks made of them.



Cheetos are the orange snacks made with extra colors and flavors. Yellow 6 is most probably the dye used in Cheetos to make it bright colored while some other harmful dye is added in it to bring extra flavors. All these ingredients act as the reason of diseases like gastric, abdominal pain, etc. So, it is always better to stay far from these harmful snacks and foods and your kid will stay healthier by consuming the natural and organic products.

M & MS

M & MS is one of the most dangerous chocolates that poses big risks towards various harmful diseases. All the terrific food dye such as red 40, yellow 5 and yellow 6 is present in this chocolate. Not just that rather you will also find Blue 1 and blue 2 in it. Both have negative impacts on our health. While blue 2 is known to create tumors in brain and bladder blue 1 can interrupt the development of nerve cells. So, it is best to stay far from this chocolate. Make your kid understand about the negative impact of it and they will automatically throw out this chocolate from the favorite list.

The most common food dye used in the above products and their effects are explained here:

  • Red 40: Children are prone to hyperactive reactions and allergies while mice can develop immune system tumors by consuming this red 40.
  • Yellow 5: This dye has similar effects on human body but this is counted as more dangerous as it is loaded with lots of carcinogenic substances that can damage various organs.
  • Yellow 6: While children face hypersensitivity by consuming this dye the animals are prone to get adrenal tumors from yellow 6.


Pop Tarts

This snack should be in the number 1 position in the ‘what causes cancer’ list. This snack is liked by most of the children due to its sweetness. But according to the information available in Kellogg website, the frosted strawberries have a lot of harmful ingredients in it. This snack contains high fructose corn syrup, sugar, dextrose and other sugary ingredients that lead to diabetes, liver problem and addiction of sugar in the children. TBHQ is another important ingredient in Pop Tarts that is based on petroleum so damages the DNA and leads to cellular dysfunction.

Also this food creates vision loss, liver enlargement, convulsion and similar dangerous diseases in animal.

Teddy Grams

This is another snack that acts as one of the strong causes of cancer. Children are attracted to this tasty snack easily but you need to resist your kid to keep them safe and healthy. Teddy grams have TBHQ in its ingredients that are a petroleum based product as we already mentioned above. So, this snack can damage the DNA and cellular function thus poses a high risk towards various diseases. It also leads to nausea, vomiting, stomach cancer and other high risk diseases.


Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is another worst snack that can give rise to various high risk diseases. It contains artificial flavor and color. Nothing is organic in this snack. There is a debate going on the whole world that microwave popcorn is one of the main reasons to produce lung cancer. It has artificial butter flavor in it containing diacetyl that acts as a toxic in human body. So, it is suggested to make popcorn at home that will be tastier, will not have any toxic fumes and you can save money at the same time.

So, you all are suggested to avoid the above mentioned foods and other snacks that contain artificial color and flavor. European Union and British Government have already banned the use of food dye in Europe since 2009 and 2010, so Europeans are much safer than other countries people.