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The Best Ice Breaker Questions To Start The Conversation Online

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The Best Ice Breaker Questions To Start The Conversation Online #love #relationship

How to break the ice if you want to find a date online? That’s the question that most of us ask now and then because online dating has become super convenient and popular. Here’s a list of questions that can always help you out:

  • What’s your profession?
  • Do you have pets? I adore dogs and cats.
  • Do you prefer dogs or cats? Think twice before you answer.
  • Do you eat meat?
  • How did you spend your weekend?
  • What is your zodiac sign? How do you think, do stars predetermine who we are?
  • Is family important to you? Are you close to your relatives?
  • Do you have a big family?
  • Do you have a favorite cocktail?
  • How d’you usually spend your days off?
  • How do you treat competition?
  • Are you more active in the morning or the evening?
  • What kind of movies do you prefer?
  • I am slightly old-fashioned. And you?
  • Do you have any tattoos?
  • Do you like sarcasm?
  • Is there any place you’d like to move?
  • Do you have some favorite movie character that you associate yourself with?
  • Which superhero would you like to be?
  • What would your perfect day be like?
  • Are you adventurous?
  • Are you into romance?
  • Do you like dancing or singing?
  • Have you ever fallen in love within minutes after meeting a person?
  • What is your hometown?
  • Are you outgoing or a bit shy?
  • Have you read anything exciting lately?
  • Are you a fan of traveling? What are your vacation plans?
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