How to Wash Makeup Brushes Properly At Home

Detailed Guide On How To Wash Makeup Brushes

Wondering how to wash makeup brushes properly? Then you have come to the right place. Every girl loves her makeup. And if you are anything like the typical female of today, you have a wide assortment of makeup products, from eye shadow to lip glosses to blush. It might seem tedious, but keeping your brushes clean will help stop bacteria and other germs from spreading and infecting our makeup products. Infections like pink eye and conjunctivitis are easily transferred through makeup, so it’s important to regularly clean your makeup applicators and brushes.


How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes At Home

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It is important to use the proper skin care products to keep your skin looking young and healthy. But cleaning your makeup applicators is also an important part of basic hygiene.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to clean makeup brushes. As for those that you use every day, you should try to clean them at least once a week. Other brushes used less frequently should be cleaned at least once a month.

Method One: Gentle Method How To Wash Makeup Brushes

Pour a tablespoon of baby shampoo into a small bowl with warm water and mix until its bubbly. Dip your used makeup brushes one at a time into the bowl, giving them a gentle swirl scraping the bottom of the bowl to remove the entire product. Let the brushes soak in the water as you add the next brush. Let them soak for about 10 seconds and then rinse one at a time under cold water to remove any remaining residue and to reseal the brush hairs. Then, with the help of your fingers, gently shape each brush until it looks like new.

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Method Two: Heavy Cleaning Method For Makeup Brushes

Purchase a professional makeup cleaning brush at your local beauty store or online. Then spray all of your brushes until completely soaked. You should start with your blush and foundation brushes as these generally have much residue. Then rub the head of the brush back and forth over a paper towel until all of the product and residue is removed. Then do the same with your remaining makeup brushes.

How to Dry Your Makeup Brushes After Washing

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It is not recommended to let your makeup brushes dry in an upright, standing position, as water will break down the glue that holds the base of the brush and will cause the hairs to break off.

To dry them properly, fold a paper towel in half three times to make a crease and then unfold it once. Slide a bigger brush or object to create a see-saw effect and balance the other brushes across the crease so that the brush head points downward, but does not touch the napkin. Let them dry overnight and make sure they are completely dry before using again.

There you have it. How to properly wash and dry your makeup brushes at home. Remember to replace them when they bristle or if you notice any damage on them!