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5. Beans

If you are not looking for a hard way then you can also eat a cup of beans everyday such as navy, pinto, butter, chickpea, black or you can also eat kidney beans for continuous 6 weeks so that you can decrease the cholesterol levels by 10 percent in your body. Another great way to reduce cholesterol is consume exactly two tablespoons of coconut oil every day.

Know How to Lower Cholesterol With 12 Home Remedies

6. Rhubarb

Some people are unaware of the basics of How to lower Cholesterol but actually it is really easy. With the increase in fibre content of the body, you can actually decrease your overall cholesterol levels in the body. One of the products is rhubarb which has high cholesterol content. You can consume rhubarb by putting it in double boiler, add honey or maple syrup to sweeten it and then have it after eating a meal rich in fat.

Know How to Lower Cholesterol With 12 Home Remedies

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