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5. “I’m glad to know you, but I think we should spend more time with other people.”

Beware! More often than not, he has already cheated on you, or is going to cheat on you so he is giving a warning in advance. Men like these cannot be trusted! He is also trying to say that he has gotten tired of you and would really prefer trying out someone fresh and new. Again, you might think how to get over a breakup if men keep cheating on you and refuse to admit it? 

10 Men's Excuses and How to Get Over a Breakup

6. “I’m scared of committing.”

This makes you think where all the bravery of man goes away at this time. He thinks that spending a couple of hours with you each week on a date is a chore and he had really much rather be at the pub spending time with his friends over a few drinks or partying at some club with them. They are probably whom he learnt how to break up from anyway.

7. “I need some space.”

When he says this, he probably thinks you are crazy. You may have just occasionally glanced at his phone when a text came in, or picked up his phone for him while he was in the shower – but he thinks you are invading his personal space and he wants out. It is your right to know about your partner’s life, but sometime men do keep secrets and they do not want you to find those out. 

10 Men's Excuses and How to Get Over a Breakup

8. “I still want to be with you, but I really need a break.”

What does he need a break from, you? If you are thinking that he might get back with you after his ‘break’, you are wrong! This is just another one of his pathetic excuses to put you on hold – and never be back together with you. This sounds weird coming from him, considering that he is about to break your heart but he still looks up to you. Sometimes when you hear this from him, it might even mean that he is actually scared of you!

9. “I’ve got a lot of issues right now.”

If he really cared about you, he would share his problems with you and conquer them side by side with you. This also sounds like, ‘I’ve got a lot of problems in my life right now, but you’re the biggest problem of them all.’ He also means that he does not like being with you. He wants some time to pass so that he can grow up and be more mature to handle you. 

10 Men's Excuses and How to Get Over a Breakup

10. “I’m still not over my ex.”

If he already knew long ago that, he was not over his ex, why did he continue to date you. It might be possible that he thinks his ex is better than you. This is just another one of his pathetic excuses to get away from you, and he expects you to pity him with this as well! Come on, how to get over a break up if you get this all the time?

Men always use the same old excuses to break up with women, and they get tired of hearing the same thing repeatedly. Sometimes women can even predict what they are going to hear from the men!