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10 Absurd Reasons Given by Men When They Want a Break Up and How to Get Over a Breakup

You have probably heard something silly come out of a man’s mouth when they have had enough of you and want a break up – “I’m not ready,” “We’re better being friends…” These are all pathetic excuses they give when they are tired of a relationship. Sometimes you can even predict what is going to come out of their mouths! Here are some of the most common excuses heard from men, which will definitely sound familiar. These might help you to figure out how to get over a break up. 

10 Men's Excuses and How to Get Over a Breakup

1. “I’m not ready for a relationship right now, but I still really care about you”

You certainly need to consider how to break up when you hear such words. Either way, he is still telling you that he does not want you. Probably in the future, but you are not at the top of his list right now. Moreover, if he really cared about you, the last thing he would have done was to hurt your feelings. This is usually puzzling because he wants to get away from you, yet at the same time he cares about you and your feelings matter to him. What does he mean?

2. “We can still be friends.”

When you are falling in love, you don’t want your partner to be just a friend. So, when he offers friendship, it is not what he actually means, most of the time; he actually means that he does not ever want to see you again. He just wants to put it in a nice way. He thinks that he is offering a compensation for the damage he has caused to you by breaking up with you. He will not possibly ask you out as a friend and have little chats all the time! 

10 Men's Excuses and How to Get Over a Breakup

3. “I’m migrating with my family.”

A smart excuse men use to get away from you, to another land far away. He wants to make it sound nice by suggesting that it is his family’s idea, but more often than not it is usually his idea and he really wants to do his best to avoid you. Sometimes he doesn’t want to tell you what is wrong with you – how to get over a break up if you don’t know what is wrong with yourself?

4. “Whoever marries you is so lucky!”

Deep down he is actually thinking, ‘I’m even luckier not to marry you!’ When you hear this from a man, you cannot comprehend how confused he makes you – he doesn’t want to be the lucky one by marrying you? It is hurting right. Men do not believe in the idea of settling down and planning for future as much as you do. They just hate being responsible and mature.

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