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What Are Some Tips On Using Eye Contact To Flirt?

Do you know that eye contact is a powerful tool for flirting? A woman adores when a man focuses on her. It’s the moment when she realizes how hot she is. And what can be more pleasant than self-confidence bonus points?

How To Flirt With A Girl In Person?

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How To Flirt With A Girl In Person #lovestory #walk #romantic

Master the eye contact art. And don’t hesitate to wink. It’s not a crime to show your interest. Or if you think that winking is not acceptable at least try to blink more. It’s a fact that a person blinks more when he or she sees something nice and pleasant. And the brain of a girl you are talking to will receive your blinking message and make you seem more sexually attractive in her eyes.

Scan Her For 4.5 Seconds

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Scan Her For 4.5 Seconds #eyescontact #love

Three seconds – that is the time of regular eye contact. This extra one and a half second will demonstrate your intention to get closer. A longer eye contact triggers a powerful emotional reaction. Look at her for 4.5 seconds, and her nervous system will be activated, her blood flow and heart rate will rise. As a result, the hormones responsible for sexual attraction will release.

The Slide/Settle Trick

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The Slide Settle Trick #manflirting #eyescontact #usefultips

Settle the eyes on a girl, allow her to notice that you are gazing at her. Slide the eyes away from her for a moment and then settle the eyes again on that girl. It should take up to 15 seconds, not more. She will definitely understand that it’s flirting. Then watch her reaction. If she flirts back, you can come up to her and start a conversation without any hesitation.

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