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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl In A Bar?

Remember how many times you went to a bar to find a girl and failed. We all have been there, pal. Our tips can help you make your encounter more promising. And don’t underestimate the power of the body language. Let her know that you find her super sexy with your gestures. For example, part your lips. It will be a sign that you like what you see. Or stroke your tie. Thus, she will notice your intention to look better in her eyes. Here are more tips on how to flirt with a girl in a bar.

Treat Her To A Drink

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Treat Her To A Drink #eyescontact #smiles

But don’t purchase any drink that comes to your mind. Act wisely instead. If you like beer it doesn’t mean that she likes its taste, as well. Not to get into an awkward situation, send her what she is drinking. The bartender can tell you what it is if you are sitting farther and can’t see. Also, if you have some doubt, you can always order sparkling wine. Even if it’s not to her taste, it is a nice gesture anyway.

One last word related to this point: never expect that a girl would have sex with you for a drink. This gesture must be selfless. And simple ‘thank you’ in return will be more than enough.

If You Want To Pay A Compliment, Do It Carefully

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If You Want To Pay A Compliment, Do It Carefully #romantic #smiles #compliments

And no cat-calls, please, because it can be treated as rude or even offensive. Superficial compliments can put a girl on the alert. She might think that you say these things to every single girl you see. And that is unlikely the impression you want to give. She must feel comfortable. Otherwise, you will make her go away right after she hears an unsuccessful compliment.

Figure Out Her Intention For Tonight

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Figure Out Her Intention For Tonight #romantic #conversation

In a bar, some girls are searching for a one night stand while others just want to hang out and relax after the exhausting day. If you approach ‘not your client’ with a suggestion to get a room, she will instantly turn you down. Watch the game for some time. If a girl is not paying attention to what you say, she is probably more interested in action than in words.

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