How To Flirt With A Girl So That She Becomes Interested In You

How to flirt with a girl so that she becomes sexually attracted to you? What can we say, it’s a true form of art. But with our tips, you can become a pickup artist.


What is flirting? It is a kind of behavior that demonstrates that people find each other sexually appealing. Flirting does not necessarily lead to anything. It is more like a game. People use flirting as a means to explore if a potential sexual or romantic relationship is possible.

And of course, not every guy knows how to flirt properly. We get shy or a bit clumsy or clingy. And it’s not that disastrous. But unfortunately neither fruitful.

Don’t worry, we have prepared a flirting guide for you. Discover tips on how to flirt to get a girl to have an appeal to you.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl In A Bar?

Remember how many times you went to a bar to find a girl and failed. We all have been there, pal. Our tips can help you make your encounter more promising. And don’t underestimate the power of the body language. Let her know that you find her super sexy with your gestures. For example, part your lips. It will be a sign that you like what you see. Or stroke your tie. Thus, she will notice your intention to look better in her eyes. Here are more tips on how to flirt with a girl in a bar.


Treat Her To A Drink

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But don’t purchase any drink that comes to your mind. Act wisely instead. If you like beer it doesn’t mean that she likes its taste, as well. Not to get into an awkward situation, send her what she is drinking. The bartender can tell you what it is if you are sitting farther and can’t see. Also, if you have some doubt, you can always order sparkling wine. Even if it’s not to her taste, it is a nice gesture anyway.

One last word related to this point: never expect that a girl would have sex with you for a drink. This gesture must be selfless. And simple ‘thank you’ in return will be more than enough.

If You Want To Pay A Compliment, Do It Carefully

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And no cat-calls, please, because it can be treated as rude or even offensive. Superficial compliments can put a girl on the alert. She might think that you say these things to every single girl you see. And that is unlikely the impression you want to give. She must feel comfortable. Otherwise, you will make her go away right after she hears an unsuccessful compliment.


Figure Out Her Intention For Tonight

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In a bar, some girls are searching for a one night stand while others just want to hang out and relax after the exhausting day. If you approach ‘not your client’ with a suggestion to get a room, she will instantly turn you down. Watch the game for some time. If a girl is not paying attention to what you say, she is probably more interested in action than in words.

Useful Tips How To Flirt With A Girl On A Chat

Nowadays, with all the technological advancements, every guy should know how to flirt with a girl on chat. The Internet is the place where many people find each other.


Begin Your Conversation In A Casual Way

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Do not rush things. Act as you would in real life. Say hi, then ask how is her day going. And do it in a cool way for her to become interested in getting to know you better. Here are some exciting examples of greetings: ahoy, ciao, salut, howdy, aloha, namaste, how's the tricks.

Show Your Positive Nature

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Once the ice is broken, it is time to joke. Make her laugh, and this girl will consider meeting with you. Many hearts were conquered with a good sense of humor. Also, use emoticons. When a person doesn’t see you, it’s hard to imagine what facial expression you have. Emoticons will help.

End Your Online Date Abruptly

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By doing so, you will let her want more, kindle that girl interest. Say goodbye before your conversation gets a bit boring. This tip is true for the real-life dating, as well.

Or here is a better option: finish your online conversation by asking her out. And again, let this phrase be out of the blue and, what's very important, be creative. Something like, "Tomorrow at 9 p.m. I will be waiting for you in the cafe called Moon situated on 5th Avenue. Meet me on the Moon."


What Are The Best Chatting Tips To Flirt With An Unknown Girl?

Talking to a girl is often a complicated task. But it’s crucial to know how to talk to girls. Actually, it’s even more important than your appearance or the amount of money that you have on your account in the bank. Here are some chatting tips that will help you nail the conversation with your new acquaintance.

Make Sure You Always Notice Pretty Women Who Surround You

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It may sound like something obvious. But in reality, we often fail to notice attractive babes walking by. Attend clubs, bars, go out often and always be attentive.

Conversation Starters Can Help You

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You won’t need a dozen phrases to enhance the ‘giving you a chance’ basket. Just several would suffice to approach pretty babes more easily.


Wait Until The Awkwardness Disappears

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The awkwardness is unavoidable, but it passes eventually. And if waiting patiently is not one of your strong suits, act. There are definitely questions that you are not ready to answer. For example, how many children you want to have in the future or what was the reason of your divorce. To avoid awkward topics, offer the topics that will be convenient to you. It is a good idea to talk about something neutral and not boring: cuisine, sports, hobbies, your favorite movies, best-selling books, pets. And here are the topics to avoid on the first date: politics, religion, and sex.

What Are Some Tips On Using Eye Contact To Flirt?

Do you know that eye contact is a powerful tool for flirting? A woman adores when a man focuses on her. It’s the moment when she realizes how hot she is. And what can be more pleasant than self-confidence bonus points?

How To Flirt With A Girl In Person?

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Master the eye contact art. And don’t hesitate to wink. It’s not a crime to show your interest. Or if you think that winking is not acceptable at least try to blink more. It’s a fact that a person blinks more when he or she sees something nice and pleasant. And the brain of a girl you are talking to will receive your blinking message and make you seem more sexually attractive in her eyes.


Scan Her For 4.5 Seconds

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Three seconds – that is the time of regular eye contact. This extra one and a half second will demonstrate your intention to get closer. A longer eye contact triggers a powerful emotional reaction. Look at her for 4.5 seconds, and her nervous system will be activated, her blood flow and heart rate will rise. As a result, the hormones responsible for sexual attraction will release.

The Slide/Settle Trick

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Settle the eyes on a girl, allow her to notice that you are gazing at her. Slide the eyes away from her for a moment and then settle the eyes again on that girl. It should take up to 15 seconds, not more. She will definitely understand that it’s flirting. Then watch her reaction. If she flirts back, you can come up to her and start a conversation without any hesitation.

How To Flirt With A Girl Without Looking Like A Creep?

When flirting, it’s also important to know some boundaries. There are things that are not acceptable, and you need to remember them.


Don’t Say That You Are Bad At Something


Even if you are highly self critical or you underestimate yourself, don’t share it with your new acquaintance. It’s not sexy when a girl feels sorry for a guy. Instead, girls love self-confident guys. A conqueror is the one she needs beside her, not a crybaby.

Clingy Is Creepy

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That’s what every girl would tell you. For example, you send her a message and receive no response even though she is online. It just means that she does not want to respond. Let her go. Or you decide to ask your acquaintance out and she tells that she is busy and offers to reschedule your meeting. Is it an excuse or she is busy for real? If you receive ‘no,’ you can try one more time later, but not more.

Vulgar Guys Are A Turn-Off

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Dirty language is one thing, but being rude is another thing. Surely, when you talk for some time already, kinky words start to pop up. Maybe even she would be the one to start that game. And it’s a normal thing. The important aspect is not to go over the board. Call her a bad girl – it’s kinky and promising. But don’t call her a bitch unless she begs for it, that’s what we mean.

Now you know how to flirt with a girl. We hope that our tips will aid you. Discover more useful info on our blog.


FAQ: How To Flirt With A Girl

What are flirty questions?

  • What do you love more: kissing or cuddling?
  • What are your favorite girlfriend pet names?
  • Do you want me to tell you a secret?
  • What would you say if I kissed you now?

What questions make a girl happy?

  • What is the most amusing thing you have ever done or something that has happened to you?
  • Have you ever had a crush on an oddball?
  • What is the best saying you’ve ever heard?
  • Have you ever done something bizarre for someone you loved?
  • What is your favorite joke?
  • What would you do if you caught sight of Ryan Gosling naked?

How do I keep her interested?

Respecting her is essential for retaining her interest. Show her that you value her opinion by ensuring that she contributes her two cents to any decisions you make together. Allow her to speak without interfering, listen to her. Never insult or humiliate her.