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1. Find Your Passion

In order to be happy and successful, you need to figure out what drives you. What are you most passionate about? What are your interests? What do you care about? Is it art? Literature? A specific cause? Sports? Education? Music? Animals?

Find your passion and go with it. You can either make it your career or make it your hobby. Whichever you choose, embrace your passion and make it a part of your life! Finding something you like and making it a part of your daily life is one of the main keys to success.

2. Live in the Present

Another key to success and happiness is to let go of the past. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. Embrace the moment at hand and learn to accept your life as it is. Never cease striving for improvement, of course, but if you don’t stop for a minute and live your life in the present, your life will pass you by!


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3. Set Realistic Goals

It’s important to dream big, but you also need to set goals that are both realistic and attainable. If you aim too high and set unrealistic expectations for yourself, you are only going to be disappointed. Set small goals and work to accomplish each one. You will gain confidence, a sense of pride and accomplishment each and every step of the way!

4. Live Life with a Purpose

We all have a purpose in life. It may be our passion, or it may be something entirely different. But you need to live every minute of every day of your life with a purpose. Start off each day with a positive thought and let it stay with you throughout the day. Find your passion and your purpose in life and let it drive you to success!

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