Housewarming Gifts To Suit All Tastes And Occasions

Having your own place to live is great but to get there, you need to go through a lot. Just think about all the moving, redecorating and all the rest that needs to be done before you can fully enjoy the beauty of your own house. It may get even worse when someone close to you is about to go through all of this, and then you are bound to come up with housewarming gifts ideas to help your close ones celebrate the occasion. No matter how well you may know the person, it is always difficult to come up with a proper idea at a time. That is why we decided that a nice housewarming gift list is exactly what everyone needs to have at hand. Whether you are a close friend or just a guest at the post-move party – these unique gift ideas will surely come in more than handy. Enjoy!


Wooden Hexagon Tray Gift Idea

Source: amazonhandmade via Instagram

When it comes to best housewarming gifts, it is essential that your idea is both unique and useful. When you think about it at first, it may seem close to impossible to come up with something like that. However, on a second thought it does not need to be something out of the ordinary. A nice wooden tray is that one thing that everyone needs for a weekend breakfast in bed occasion. Pay attention to the design though, make sure it is both intricate but comfortable to use, this hexagon one is merely the best!


Cheese Board Design

Source: littlethingsweddingfavors via Instagram

When you are about to pick up a housewarming gift that suits your liking just wait a minute and think about what your friends like most. Very often, we pay attention to gifts that we like, but that is undoubtedly not the best approach. For example, if your friend is head over heels with all kinds of cheese – why not to surprise him or her with a cheese board gift?

Cutting Board With Recipe

Source: familylaser via Instagram

Good housewarming gifts are many there is no doubt about it, however, what you need is surely the best one. That is why the first thing you need to take into consideration is your best friend’s preferences. For instance, if your friends who have just moved into a new house are into cooking, then a cutting board set is surely required. But, to make such a simple gift over the edge special – you can engrave the recipe in it. How cool is that?


Plants In Creative Pots

Source: curiousershop via Instagram

Everyone loves flowers, there are rarely any exceptions. However, when flowers tend to wither quite soon, plants in pots can live with the owners for ages. Yet, the trick here lies not only in finding a suitable plant but also in putting it into creative pot. Surely, it can take a while to come up with an appropriate option, but in most cases, it will be certainly worth it!

Terrarium Gift Idea

Source: peacelilyindia via Instagram

It is true that sometimes convenient and useful are not the only criteria for you to come up with a housewarming present. If you are looking for cool housewarming gifts, we may have a nice idea in mind. Of course, such a gift is more like a decorative element, but that does not make it look any less special. Personal notes added to this terrarium take it straight to the next level of cool, wouldn’t you agree?


Nebl Planter Gift Idea

Source: studiorem via Instagram

It wouldn’t be a secret to anyone that plants usually help create a better atmosphere in your home. However, Nebl planter has taken things to the new level of cool with their foggy designs. It is true that such a planter will undoubtedly fit in any modern house and will help the owners create an unforgettable atmosphere with the help of it.

Kitchen Needs Gift Basket

Source: marylou_therealtor via Instagram

Some women may agree that the room they spend the most time in is the kitchen and there is nothing wrong with if you are a true cooking addict. However, if it is a newly married couple who moves into a new home they evidently lack some kitchen utilities and a kitchen needs basket gift can solve most of their problems just like that!

Handmade Pottery Gift Idea

Source: amazonhandmade via Instagram

In case you are into pottery crafts, you can easily make a unique housewarming gift ion your own. Yet, not everyone is that skillful with pottery, right? Worry not, even if your skills leave much to be desired there are a lot of handmade pottery options available out there. Just take your pick and help your friends complete their new house with a nice handmade pottery set!


Wooden Bottle Openers

Source: now_designs via Instagram

These days a lot of everyday tools are turned into the real craft. For example, a set of bottle opener will be welcome in any house, but what makes the set special is the unique design. Such wooden bottle openers will come in handy not only in the household but also in home décor area.

Fused Glass Wine Holders

Source: fireandfusion via Instagram

To treat your friends with a bottle of wine is a tradition already but to present them with unique one of the kind wine holders that is something special. Glass wine holders will be that one useful gift that will add up to the decoration as well as to the tradition.

Pint Ice Cream Holders

Source: nimaoberoilunares via Instagram

There is barely any lady who would refuse an occasional ice-cream. What is more, there are even those who prefer homemade ice cream to a store-bought one. If you are certain that your friend is surely one of those, then these pint ice-cream holder is that one thing that their new home is still missing!


Kitchen Utensil Crock

Source: now_designs via Instagram

Very often when you start to cook you wish that everything you need is just at hand so that you don’t need to run around the kitchen to gather all tools up. That is why a kitchen utensil crock is that one of the super practical housewarming gifts that every housewife, and not only, will appreciate.

Cactus Unique Edison Lamp

Source: urbanindustrialcraft via Instagram

The fact is that when you are not that well familiar with a person who moves in, and you are invited to the party, it is better to stick up to some more or less universal housewarming gift. But, if you are close, then you can come up with something more personal. For example, if your friend is into vintage, this Edison lamp will be a great present.

Retro Desk Clock Gift Idea

Source: amazonhandmade via Instagram

You need to be very careful with unique housewarming gifts since something that you think is awesome may not come to the taste of a new house owner. However, if you are well aware of your friend’s tastes then you can freely experiment. For example, a real retro fan will scream with excitement if you present him or her with such a retro desk clock, and there is no wonder why actually – who wouldn’t!


Creative Fire Extinguisher Design

Source: firedesign_fr via Instagram

There are some things that every house needs but not every owner pays attention to the fire extinguisher is that one thing that can be found in every official institution, but somehow most people neglect to have one at home. If you are a true friend who worries about your bestie’s safety, then a creative fire extinguisher may be that one useful and creative ta the same time gift. Think about it!

Custom Home Sign Gift Idea

Source: wood_scape._ via Instagram

Among all the housewarming gifts ideas there are some that are most popular at the moment. Home signs surely belong to the category. You can easily purchase a ready-made sign, or you can get as far as to create one on your own. The choice is yours, but you need to be sure that it will fit in the new home perfectly!

Creative Doormat Gift Idea

Source: nickeldesigns via Instagram

Although there are many practical gifts, people rarely think about doormats as suitable housewarming gifts. We think that is not right because a carefully chosen doormat can easily add up to the atmosphere of the house. Truth be told these days the variety of fun, and creative doormats are beyond versatile that is why you can easily come up with something super unique in a matter of minutes.


Custom Wood Frame With Lettering

Source: foreverpetalsbyvee via Instagram

The best way to show your friends that you care about their well-being is to come up with a perfect saying. That is why custom wood frames with lettering are so popular and required these days. When it is difficult to speak out loud everything that you have in mind – you can easily write it on the board and make a unique present out of it! You should not be afraid to use your creativity!