Do you prefer making homemade Mother’s Day gifts? Looking for something fun and creative for Mom this year?

Spring will soon be upon us, which means Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Some of us are great at coming up with gifts for Mom (and if you’re lucky, your mother will start dropping hints in a few weeks).


However, many moms are happier with personalized gifts. Homemade gifts show a lot of thought, time and effort. Plus, they come from the heart. If you want to make your mom happy this year, why not consider personalized gifts for Mother's Day?

Here is a list of DIY gifts for Mom you can easily make at home. So, dig out your craft box and start making those Mother’s Day Gifts!

Spray Paint Floral Art

Source: DIY Candy

Not everyone is crafty, but this pretty floral print is so simple that anyone can make it. All you need is a spray paint, flowers and a canvas. You mom will love showing off this homemade canvas art to all her friends.


Homemade Herbal Teas

Source: alittlerosemary via Instagram

We are certain that your mother will love to relax with a cup of homemade herbal tea. Made from freshly dried fruits, herbs, and flowers, every cup tastes like heaven. You can find DIY herbal teas recipes on sites such as Pinterest or use our recipe.

DIY Photo Frame

Source: gifts_forr_all via Instagram

Homemade picture frames make great sentimental Mother’s Day gifts. You can hand paint the frame and decorate it with shells, buttons, sequence, ribbons, or whatever your heart desires. Use your mom’s favorite family photo, and she will be sure to tear up at this thoughtful gift!


Homemade Tote Bag

Source: lauralucy_f via Instagram

This handy bag can be used for grocery shopping, laundry, or a day on the beach. Look at this adorable cactus print! You can make it by yourself using ink and special stamps.

Marble Mugs Set

Source: alittlecraftinyourday via Instagram

Everyone can do this bright fancy mugs by yourself. All you need are several white ceramic mugs of any shape you like and nail polishes. Drop the polish into a wide vessel with water and dip the cup. The thin layer of polish will adhere to the mug leaving beautiful stains. Do the same with other mugs and you'll get fancy set like this.


Homemade Bath Salt

Source: one_little_project via Instagram

Pamper Mom with this luxurious bath salt. There are plenty of easy DIY recipes online for aroma salt, bubble bath, or even bath bombs. And you might already have most of the ingredients handy. Package it in a glass milk bottle or Mason jar and adorn it with some pretty dried flowers and ribbons.

Sewing Pattern Floral Arrangement

Source: Kristina Nilsson

This simple hand-crafted floral arrangement will brighten up any room.

  1. Cut six 7-inch squares from the sewing pattern. Stack and fold these squares to form a 7-inch pattern like a rectangle, and snip off the corners.
  2. Twist a wire floral stem around the center. Make sure it is tight.
  3. Fan the paper out and pull apart to create a blossom.
  4. Arrange in a beautiful vase. Bonus points, if this homemade vase is like the one described further!

Family Tree

Source: leighanne_yourhomebasedmom via Instagram

Your mom will love this homemade antique frame with your family tree. Bonus points, if you include some vintage family photos of your ancestors!


Sentimental Recipe Holder

Source: Farm Fresh Vintage Finds

Create a recipe holder for Mom so that she could beautifully display her recipes out of harm’s way while cooking and still have them close enough to read, if needed.

Stain a piece of pine board with hot glue and add some family photos or her favorite quote. Or, hand paint a design. Then hot glue some clips for her to display her recipes while cooking.

DIY Ribbon Vase

Source: higherupdecors via Instagram

This bright and cheery vase will beautifully compliment the sewing pattern flowers in the aforementioned tutorial. And your mom will appreciate the extra effort that went into this beautiful arrangement.

  1. Find an oversized vase.
  2. Choose brightly colored and/or patterned ribbons (polka dots or stripes are always a good choice).
  3. Hot glue the ribbon and glue it to the vase.
  4. Add the flowers for bonus points!

Raffia Floral Hat

Source: wearyourhatvan via Instagram

This classy hat will look great on your mom. You can dress up one of her older hats that needs some sprucing or start from scratch with a new hat.

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard so that it’s about one inch in width and 4 inches in length.
  2. Cut the raffia to a length of around 6 feet and wrap lengthwise around the cardboard.
  3. Slide the raffia off the cardboard carefully.
  4. Tie a 2-inch long piece of raffia around the middle of the bundle and snip at both ends.
  5. Repeat until you have 4 bundles.
  6. Stack the bundles on top of one another, then tie together with a 3-inch piece of raffia in the middle.
  7. Fan the bundles to make flowers.
  8. To attach to the hat, cut a 4 ft piece of raffia and slide through the center knot of each of the flowers. Bunch the flowers together and tie the raffia around the rim of the hint, trimming off the excess and then fluff out the flowers.


Source: thinkingscissors via Instagram

Best Mom Cup Gift Idea

Source: thinkingscissors via Instagram

Fabric DIY Sign

Source: craftymommybees via Instagram


Painted Card Designs

Source: mamasgonnamake via Instagram

DIY Statuette Design

Source: funusualsuspects via Instagram

Personalized Frame Gift Idea

Source: thesimplydesigns via Instagram

If you simply take a few minutes to make one of those handmade gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day, you will be sure to bring tears of joy to her eyes! Bonus points, if you make a homemade card with a sappy message from the heart!


FAQ: Mother's Day Gifts

What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?

All moms want is to be recognized for everything they do. Every mom wants to be recognized for what she does. We know how hard our moms work and love their families while juggling a million different responsibilities. The vast majority of these things often go overlooked…

What should you not do on Mother’s day?

  1. Take care of the rest of the people and their needs, to the detriment of my needs.
  2. Expect others to be able to read my thoughts.
  3. Not congratulating myself on small victories.
  4. Act as if it’s any other day.
  5. Allow my inner critic to tell me how inadequate a mother I am.

What color do you wear for Mother’s Day?

Mothers’ protective character is symbolized by green, while their hopeful attitude on life and for their children is symbolized by yellow. Their loving and nurturing side is captured in pink, while their passion and empowerment drive is captured in red.