Easy Home Remedies To Help When Your Eyes Feel Tired

6 Best Home Remedies You Can Do Anytime to Help When Your Eyes Feel Tired

At one time or another we all have suffered from dark circles or tired eyes. This can make us look unhealthy and no one wants to have tired eyes during an important business meeting or on a first date. In this article, we will give you six easy home remedies to help when your eyes feel tired.


There are many things that can make our eyes feel tired, and that is why we need to learn how to lighten skin under eyes. Below are some of the most common reasons:

  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Too much sleep
  • Allergies
  • Stress
  • Improper lighting conditions
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Near or far sightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Incorrect eyeglass prescription
  • Too much eye strain from the following examples:
    • Driving for hours without taking a break
    • Reading for too long
    • Staring at a computer screen without taking breaks
    • Watching TV without taking a break
    • Staring at your cell phone or tablet for extended periods of time

Do you know how to get rid of dark circles? There are some simple things you can do to relieve tired eyes, ease eye strain, and reduce puffy eyes.

  1. Get the proper amount of sleep (7-9 hours a night)
  2. Schedule yearly or bi-yearly appointments with your eye doctor
  3. Reduce your salt intake
  4. Limit caffeine and alcohol
  5. Increase Vitamins A, C & E in your daily diet
  6. Increase your iron intake
  7. Rest your eyes after working
  8. Adjust the lighting
  9. Take frequent breaks if you spend all day staring at a computer screen i. e., at least once an hour, focus on a far away object to give your eyes a chance to relax
  10. Reduce the glare on your computer screen
  11. Treat your allergies
  12. Stay hydrated
  13. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Rubbing your eyes cause the blood vessels to dilate
  14. Take a break from work. At least once an hour get up and walk away from your desk for a few minutes, stretch your legs and most importantly, give your eyes a break for a few minutes.
  15. Wear sunglasses while outside

The above list should greatly help relieve tired eyes. However, if you still have dark circles and your eyes feel tired, here are some of our favorite tired eyes remedies.

1. Chamomile Tea Bags

An inexpensive and extremely effective home remedy is to relax for a bit with chilled tea bags over your eyes when they feel tired. Chamomile is a great way to help heal tired eyes as it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Soak 2 chamomile tea bags in hot water (not boiling), then rinse them with cold water. Or, if you prefer you can let them stay in the fridge in cold water for a bit.
  2. Next, place them over your eyes and relax for twenty minutes to half an hour.

Your eyes will feel great and you will notice the puffiness and dark circles start to fade. You can repeat this process daily to sooth your tired eyes. 


2. Apple Slices

Apples have tannins (tannic acid) that can aid in reducing the appearance of dark circles under our eyes. It also helps nourish the skin around our eyes, which is extremely delicate.

Simply place an apple in the fridge till it is chilled, slice it thinly, place a slice over your eyes (closed) and relax. Rinse your eyes with lukewarm water when finished.

3. Strawberries

Strawberries are said to be extremely beneficial for tired eyes. Eating strawberries as a healthy snack can make your eyes brighter. But they can also help you when your eyes feel tired.

If you wake up with puffy, tired eyes, simply slice up a few chilled strawberries (about ⅛ of an inch thick) and apply them under your eyes and relax for about five to ten minutes. The acids present in strawberries (alpha hydroxy) help sooth your skin while reducing swelling. 


4. Cucumbers (DIY Cucumber Eye Mask for Tired Eyes)

Of course you could simply apply a chilled cucumber slice to each eye but why not take a few minutes and make soothing eye mask out of cucumber juice. This will fit over your eyes more easily. It still contains the same soothing and hydrating properties and will still reduce the puffiness and dark circles when your eyes feel tired.


  • Cotton pads
  • Fruit Juice Extractor
  • Ziploc Bag
  • One Cucumber
  1. Extract the juice from the cucumber
  2. Pour the juice into a container or bowl
  3. Soak the cotton pads in the juice for at least an hour
  4. Place the soak pads in the Ziploc bag and place them in the freezer for 20-30 minutes
  5. Allow the pads to thaw for 10 minutes
  6. Place the chilled pad on each eye and relax for fifteen minutes. Your eyes will thank you!

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has so many health benefits. It is great for hydrating your skin. If you rub a little bit of organic, extra-virgin coconut oil under your eyes, it will not only help reduce dark circles and soothe your eyes, but it will also help reduce wrinkles and laugh lines. You can do this in the morning and at night. It is recommended to apply the coconut oil about half an hour before you apply your make up or go to bed so it has time to set into your skin. You can apply a little to your lips to soothe chapped lips, as well. 


6. Soothing Milk Pads

This tired eyes remedy has been around for ages and people swear by its soothing properties for tired eyes.

You’re heard people say to drink a glass of milk before bed to help you sleep, but did you know it can also ease your tired eyes? Milk contains proteins, lactic acid and amino acids which are naturally soothing and can help soothe tired puffy eyes.

All you have to do for this DIY home remedy is to soak some 2 cotton balls in a glass of cold milk (we recommend full fat milk, but you can use anything but skim milk) for a few minutes. Then place them on your eyes and relax for about 10-15 minutes. Place a towel under your head to prevent milk from dripping on your pillowcases or couch cushions.