By: | Updated: 06/16/2017

6. Do not raise your voice

Yelling is the worst thing you can do. Most men will block you out immediately, ignore you, walk away and leave the work unfinished or worse, yell back and start an argument. Yelling only escalates things… quickly.

Be loving and supportive and maintain a normal tone of voice. Things will go much smoother if you keep your temper.

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband

7. Accept his limitations

Even if you and your husband are extremely compatible, you are not going to be carbon copies of one another. Accept that he will not be able to read your mind. You won’t always be satisfied with the way he vacuums or cleans the bathroom. However, accept the help where and when you get it and life will be easier for both of you.

If you really don’t like the way he does a particular chore, find something else he is good at and do that one yourself. Don’t ask for trouble.

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband

8. Show him you appreciate him

The main way to cure a lazy husband is to let him know how much you appreciate him. Everyone likes to be told they are appreciated and men are no exception. For some men a simple hug or thank you will do. Others will need a little more, maybe give him a back massage or bake his favorite dessert. You know your husband so do what works best for you. 

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband