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3. Don’t fix his “mistakes”

You probably like things done a certain way. Everything has its own place and you thrive on organization. Accept the fact that your husband right now share your love of color-coordinating the clothes, or stacking the bowls in a certain order. You might not be crazy about the way he washes the dishes or folds the clothes, but “beggars can’t be choosers.” Don’t follow him around nagging him or instantly “redo” what he has just done. This will put you both in a bad mood and he will be less likely to offer his assistance again if you are constantly nagging him or complaining about his work.

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband

4. Don’t be bossy. You are his partner, not his supervisor

Going with the above, men do not like to be told what to do constantly. They most likely hear that at work all day. Also, they don’t want to feel like they are living with a mother rather than a wife. If you want to make a “honey do” list, don’t force it on him. Ask him sweetly if he has the time to help, or can he possibly handle a few of these items when he has some free time. He will be more likely to help if you ask him sweetly, rather than try to boss him around and bully or threaten him into helping you with household chores.

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband

5. Remain patient and calm, even when he messes up

Losing your patience is the last thing you want to do. If you want your husband to help, do not lose your calm, even if he is making a complete mess instead of helping. Walk away for a few minutes until you’re calm. Sometimes if you let out a deep sigh, men will catch the hint and realize they have pushed your buttons before it’s too late. If you get upset then so will he and the entire plan will backfire in your face. Remain calm to maintain the peace if you want to cure a lazy husband.

8 Helpful Tips on How to Handle a Lazy Husband

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